Decorations update

  • Dev Team

    "Alpha" means it's far from ready yet. We're not gathering feedback on it yet at the moment, it's just an early preview for those who are curious. It will be polished a lot during the next iterations.

  • @zortea you can get the units to display if you set the units=false in the url to true, this requires you to use the web version of the client though 🙂

    I also had trouble clicking a room to access it 😕 double clicking would select the tooltip text instead 🙂

  • Sounds fun!

    I am assuming decorations crafted with a specific theme (for 2000 pixels instead of 500) will still only give 400 pixels back if you convert them back to pixels, is this correct?

  • @artch Oh yeah I understand, just providing suggestions for the polishing process.

  • All existing Subscription Tokens will be converted to 60 CPU Unlocks each automatically upon release.

    So until this happens, I'm apparently SOL? I'm stuck without an active subscription and a missing Token from my Steam inventory? Because this was released without any warning?

  • Dev Team

    @wall_e Please email us at regarding this issue.

  • Seems like there was a quite significant increase in the price for Screeps? Before a subscription token was being sold for on average 20M credits which makes it up to 333K per day. Now each CPU unlock is being sold for 940K! Almost 3 times increase, it would have been nice to have been upfront about this price increase as I assume many of us carefully budget the credits. Am I missing something?

  • @Zortea I imagine many people who were selling subscription tokens before are now using that value to buy pixels instead, so I would expect a sharp price increase on the market in the short term. Perhaps it will settle down a bit later but I imagine prices will be generally higher as a result of this feature. That's kinda the whole point 🙂

    @artch great job with this! I think this is a great idea to allow a bit more personalisation and potentially bring in some more income for screeps. Allowing pixels to be generated from the CPU bucket is a really nice touch that helps make CPU purchase more worthwhile at lower levels.

    The new map looks like it's going to sort out the performance issues when trying to scroll around the whole map, which is nice. The search is a nice feature too. One request - can you make it so that ctrl/shift-clicking on a room will open that room in a new tab as expected for normal links? It would be nice to be able to look at a room without losing your place on the map.

    Similarly, on the inventory page, ctrl/shift clicking on a room link should open that room in a new tab. It kindof does at the moment, but sometimes it also does something on that page, like when clicking a room link in the decoration box, it still opens the popup. I've found the best way to make this work as expected in these kind of web apps is to make everything links and have your link click event handler just ignore events with ctrl or shift held.

  • @artch said in Decorations update:

    With this launch we announce a time-limited promo: you can get 2,000 pixels for free if you simply click on the button above! This promo will last for 30 days.

    What button? I clicked on the picture and it redirects me to my Screeps inventory with 0 pixels.

  • Ok. I got my free 2000 pixels. I noted my 2 sub tokens are gone, replaced with 120 mini-tokens. There are 2 new methods in Game, "Game.cpu.unlock()" and "Game.cpu.generatePixel()."

    Ok, that's self explanatory. As a grandfathered in Steam sub user, I still have an active sub... it will auto-renew on 8-2-2020 if I do nothing. Ok. Fine. My plan was to use one of my tokens before then, extending it to 10-2, then again before that ran out.

    All very fine and good. Here's my problem:

    I can't tell what my sub status is from the API. Ok... This isn't the worst thing, I could just automatically pop a mini-token once every 24 hours, incrementally extending it even though the cut off is still over a month away, or I could start doing that at a point closer to the date.

    But I have no apparent way to determine what the remaining time is. I can't send myself a message reminding myself to get more time, or that I'm going to run out tomorrow. I don't want to just dump the mini-tokens in, I want to "Ride the buffer" of whatever duration I set, like (If time left < 1 month... pop token.)

  • @zortea This is my fault, had old code that would increase the price too much! Increase in price is due to users, isn't due to devs.


    @Wall_E You need to transfer items in inventory to steam inventory via inventory screen.

  • @smokeman did you see Game.cpu.unlockedTime?

    I think this should give you your remaining time, at least when using CPU unlocks.

  • @likeafox Oh really? Since it doesn't say who is the player dealing the CPU/Subscription order, I assumed it was dealt by the mostly by the highway terminals defined by the devs. OK lets see how the price adjusts over time.

  • @nobodysnightmare That's the time until your CPU fullUnlock RETURNS after it lapses. It's undefined if you either have time, or are subbed.

  • The "Alpha" map being absolute junk aside (very haphazard use of the term Alpha but whatever)

    The floor/wall textures make some rooms literally painful to look at. Everything else is cool and lets the player customize, but the ability to change floor and wall textures doesn't seem like it was very thought out.


  • A small suggestion:

    make pixels into 100x or 500x packs in the steam market. Instead of selling one by one, because the minimum price for community transactions is 0.01$.


  • Would also love to see my structures in the Choose room dialog, makes it a bit hard to recognize my rooms when its only displaying the terrain in the selection dialog



  • Dev Team

    We are glad to announce that we analyzed recent pixelization statistics and changed some parameters. As a result, Rarity 5 decorations will now drop much more frequently. Enjoy!

  • Culture

    Awesome! That's a good change. Would it be possible to add a counter of how many items are visible? I can do math but it gets quite old quite quickly:


    Something like this


  • @o4kapuk For wall/swamp textures can we have it so it can override what is currently in that room.

    Can you guys look in to way to stream line and assist with textures, it's not very easy right now to manage lots of textures.