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  • RE: Make Creeps and PowerCreeps inherit from a "Movable" class

    As vipo said, proper inheritance has made my life easier when using the same kotlin screeps interface he mentioned. Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that proper code structuring is a great help in many factors such as readability and reducing code duplication. However due to the nature of Javascript, as opposed to for for example kotlin since that's the example already used by Vipo, I understand it may not be as straightforward so I also understand knightshade's position. In short, I believe that if it is properly implemented it can be a great addition.

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-06-24: Store and market

    I'm very happy about this change. It brings information into the game that was previously only in the UI. Even scanning the market and keeping history data yourself couldn't tell you volume and price paid.

    There's also still value in scanning and keeping some of your own history, though, so anyone who already has that code isn't sad to have it.

    Also, I'm looking forward to getting the million credits or so back for my legendary energy order on shard0. 🙂

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  • RE: Draft: Store prototype API

    As both a mod developer and player I'm exited about this update, for modding, it was always annoying not being able to iterate over resources in a simple way. As a player, the entire store/carry/energyCapacity/carryCapacity mess was annoying, in some cases, I actually wrapped all those to make them match, very similar to how this is designed. It might seem a bit more clunky for stuff with only one resource, but simplifies more than enough other code to make it worth it.

    For those wanting to keep energy/energyCapacity, they can easily do a simple prototype extension in their code. Object.defineProperty(StructureExtension.prototype, 'energy', { get() { return } }) Object.defineProperty(StructureExtension.prototype, 'energyCapacity', { get() { return } })

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  • Power Creeps - Others can enable power in my reserved rooms

    This doesn't seem like something that should be allowed.

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  • RE: Power Abilities Adjustments. Labs/Spawn/Storage/Terminal and Regen Mineral.

    I don't think that makes much sense. Efficiency is one of the main reasons to upgrade those skills.

    I do agree with the REGEN_MINERAL though, it shouldn't be inactive while the mineral is on cooldown.

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  • RE: PowerCreeps - Sporadic Loss of PowerCreep.memory

    It appears that if another player's power creep is "visible" to your game instance, it's being added to Game.powerCreeps. The sporadic nature is coming from my observers passively scanning the map...

    I don't think other's power creeps should be in my Game.powerCreeps list.

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  • RE: PowerCreeps - Sporadic Loss of PowerCreep.memory

    I added a check to set .memory if it wasn't set and I get this interesting error as a result:

    Power Creep Processing error Could not set other player's creep memory Error: Could not set other player's creep memory
    at Object.set (:40507:23)
    at Object.processPowerCreeps (main:12431:18) <-- only part of this that is my code
    at Object.module.exports.loop (main:12935:8) <-- only part of this that is my code
    at __module (__mainLoop:1:52)
    at __mainLoop:2:3
    at Object.exports.evalCode (:15990:76)
    at (:30481:24)
    at (:29710:22)
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  • PowerCreeps - Sporadic Loss of PowerCreep.memory

    Randomly, some of my power creeps will lose access to their .memory shortcut point to Memory.powerCreeps[name] and I'll receive errors saying "powercreep.memory is undefined." This is not every tick and when it happens it does not affect every power creep.

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  • UI Forward/Back Button Mouse Clicks

    Not sure when this happened exactly, I think it was with the new UI release. For some reason the forward and back buttons on my mouse (typically buttons 4 and 5) are bound to left click functionality and there's no easy way to quickly navigate through rooms. This is especially annoying when trying to go back and forth between two rooms.

    They work fine if I hover the cursor over the URL portion of the browser window, but in the tab itself all I get is dragging on the map view.

    Note: this seems to affect Chrome and not Firefox.

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-02-01: Power Creeps

    @artch said in PTR Changelog 2019-02-01: Power Creeps:


    Definitely still need power creep LOOK and FIND constants, or roll them under the CREEP constants.

    FIND_*_POWER_CREEPS should work on the PTR currently, have you checked?

    Okay, so that does exist, but it isn't in which makes it super hard to tell what constants exist. I thought that was the actual file the server used and it always had to contain what is used in game.

    Operate_extensions should alleviate this some, but the really low amount of energy moved + the really long cooldown (you can get 5 50 part creeps out of 3 spawns in the time it takes for 1 fill cooldown) makes the skill practically useless and the synergy between the two skills is non-existent.

    OPERATE_EXTENSIONS just seems a bit underpowered. I think a better solution is to increase its effect rather than change the mechanics. What do you think is an appropriate value?

    One idea is to change its effect to a percentage of all extensions in the room: 20/40/60/80/100% of all extensions in the room are filled rather than some energy amount is sent.

    That'll definitely make it stronger, but how will that factor into energy required by the power creep?

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