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  • RE: Decorations update

    I know I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I think this feature set is great and the implementation was really well done.

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  • RE: Decorations update

    Awesome! That's a good change. Would it be possible to add a counter of how many items are visible? I can do math but it gets quite old quite quickly:


    Something like this

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  • RE: Local server doesn't render map

    Another alternative is to use the API, set a password using authmod has a change password page, as does any other server running screepsmod-auth and screepsmod-admin-utils.

    Then a simple script like this should set the badge (place in empty folder, npm install screeps-api, then run)

    const { ScreepsAPI } = require('screeps-api')
    ScreepsAPI.fromConfig('splus1').then(async api => {
      const ret = await api.raw.user.badge({ type: 24, color1: '#ff0000', color2: '#ffb400', color3: '#ff6a27', param: 0, flip: false })
      if (ret.ok) console.log('Badge Set')
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  • RE: Changelog 2020-03-24

    So, two things on this one, first, it looks like the screeps backend-local module hasn't been merged to master and published yet, so system.setTickDuration doesn't exist in the CLI. Second, screepsmod-admin-utils has the wrong help text in it, I'll poke at it tomorrow and fix that text.

    As a workaround, for now, you can force an older version of screepsmod-admin-utils to get the tick rate function back.

    if using screeps-launcher just add this to your config.yml (keep it in the mods list too)

      screepsmod-admin-utils: '^1.13.0'

    or if using npm directly: npm install --save screepsmod-admin-utils@^1.13.0

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  • RE: Client crashes on keyboard input (linux)

    I'm having this issue with an uptodate Arch Linux install. I get the error: (nw:1310757): Pango-ERROR **: 15:24:53.582: Harfbuzz version too old (1.4.2)

    It appears that newer pango versions have broken it, Plexamp has the same issue:

    The current fix seems to be downgrade pango (Not ideal IMO as it breaks other apps like Thunar)

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  • RE: Static Source Farmer Structure

    I like this idea. There's something to fight over in unowned rooms with this - you can't just retreat and recycle the creeps and wait for me to go away; if you do that, you'll lose a structure that cost a lot of CPU and energy to build.

    Burning ops is neat too - give another use besides PCs for that resource.

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  • RE: Manual safemode application seems to be unreliable on private servers

    @wtfrank This is now fixed in the latest screepsmod-mongo build, I just deployed it to both S+ servers and confirmed it working 🙂

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  • RE: Make Creeps and PowerCreeps inherit from a "Movable" class

    As vipo said, proper inheritance has made my life easier when using the same kotlin screeps interface he mentioned. Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that proper code structuring is a great help in many factors such as readability and reducing code duplication. However due to the nature of Javascript, as opposed to for for example kotlin since that's the example already used by Vipo, I understand it may not be as straightforward so I also understand knightshade's position. In short, I believe that if it is properly implemented it can be a great addition.

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-06-24: Store and market

    I'm very happy about this change. It brings information into the game that was previously only in the UI. Even scanning the market and keeping history data yourself couldn't tell you volume and price paid.

    There's also still value in scanning and keeping some of your own history, though, so anyone who already has that code isn't sad to have it.

    Also, I'm looking forward to getting the million credits or so back for my legendary energy order on shard0. 🙂

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  • RE: Draft: Store prototype API

    As both a mod developer and player I'm exited about this update, for modding, it was always annoying not being able to iterate over resources in a simple way. As a player, the entire store/carry/energyCapacity/carryCapacity mess was annoying, in some cases, I actually wrapped all those to make them match, very similar to how this is designed. It might seem a bit more clunky for stuff with only one resource, but simplifies more than enough other code to make it worth it.

    For those wanting to keep energy/energyCapacity, they can easily do a simple prototype extension in their code. Object.defineProperty(StructureExtension.prototype, 'energy', { get() { return } }) Object.defineProperty(StructureExtension.prototype, 'energyCapacity', { get() { return } })

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