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  • RE: Weird CPU reporting and how to delete memory on other shard

    Your code is not executed on shard where you don't have any creeps or structures. In order to clear the memory on another shard, you may send a scout to the target shard via portals and maybe wait couple of minutes. This would activate your code on the target shard and you'll be able to clear the memory. As for displaying excess CPU, it should be fixed for you currently.

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  • Season #5 is open!

    Welcome, Screeps players, to the much-anticipated Season 5! We're about to embark on a new adventure, unveiling a fresh layer of strategy and rivalry in our world!


    This season, we're introducing a unique element - Thorium! This finite, non-renewable mineral is found in each room with a controller, adding an unprecedented dynamic to your Screeps journey. Unlike all other resources in the game, once Thorium is mined, it's gone forever. This finite nature of Thorium will usher in a nomadic experience: to sustain your progress, you might need to abandon depleted rooms and develop new ones. The thrill of exploration and the challenge of expansion are at the heart of Season 5!

    Thorium also brings a novel challenge to your game strategy. Both creeps and decayable structures, such as roads and containers, experience accelerated aging and decay when they come into contact with Thorium. This rate of decay increases logarithmically based on the total Thorium present on the same tile. Whether the Thorium is in a creep's cargo or in a structure's storage, its presence amplifies the rate of decay. The formula used to calculate this increased decay is Math.floor(Math.log10([total Thorium on the tile])). To illustrate, if there are 10 units of Thorium on a tile, the rate of decay increases by 1. For 100 units of Thorium, the decay rate increases by 2, and for 1000 units, it increases by 3. This escalating decay adds a new layer to your strategic planning, emphasizing the critical importance of careful Thorium management.

    After mining Thorium, your mission is to transfer it to a special structure - the Reactor, located in the center of each game sector. Claiming these reactors becomes the crux of your score-earning strategy. Each claimed Reactor consumes 1 unit of Thorium per tick, generating score points for the player who claimed the reactor. Scoring works as follows: For every tick the Reactor operates continuously, the points awarded increase logarithmically. The formula we're using is 1 + Math.floor(Math.log10([ticks of continuous operating])). A critical strategy this season will be to consistently supply your Reactors with Thorium. Remember, the longer a Reactor operates, the more score points you earn from the same amount of Thorium. However, the moment a Reactor runs out of Thorium, it shuts down, and the bonus resets.

    But there's another aspect to consider! Your Reactors aren't safe from the competition. They can be re-claimed by other players using a single creep with the CLAIM body part. This means guarding your Reactors becomes as crucial as keeping them supplied.

    In Season 5, it's a game of careful planning, timely movement, strategic claiming, vigilant defense, and managing the decay-inducing Thorium. Will you adapt to the nomadic lifestyle, manage your Thorium wisely, keep your Reactors supplied, guard them from competitors, and handle the accelerated decay to maximize your score? Or will your progress be halted by the finite nature of resources, the cunning of your rivals, and the ticking clock of decay? The stage is set, and only time will tell.

    Season 5 is here. The Thorium is waiting. The Reactors are ready. Are you?

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  • RE: Healer not finding creeps?

    @key2130 That's right there in the documentation: The target has to be at adjacent square to the creep.

    You need to check if your healer is next to the damaged creep (and move the healer towards the damaged creep if it's away)

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  • RE: Season #4 is open!

    @hailhydra The season 4 is over. Season 5 is to be announced later.

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  • RE: Missing top 30 icon from season III on profile page

    @trepidimous Thanks for the report, we'll look into it a bit later

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  • Season #4 is open!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Season #4!

    0_1641757672327_img (2).png

    In this season, special unarmed caravans randomly appear in crossroad rooms to travel to another crossroad room. Every creep in a caravan initially carries 1 unit of a random commodity and accepts the same commodity. Players are supposed to produce commodities, intercept those caravans and transfer the produced commodities to the correspondent creep to earn season score points. Carriers will drop resources they don’t accept to the ground. They also will explode when damaged or blocked.

    Other game changes: every player has 100 CPU, the market is not available, terminal structures can send resources only to your own terminals. Also, there will be no usual portals.

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  • RE: Restrictions in building powercreeps.

    This is an intentional gameplay restriction.

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  • RE: Spawning creep with directions: []

    @geir1983 Thank you for the report, we'll take a look.

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  • RE: "Sync from repository" button not doing anything on click

    @marvintmb thank you for the report. We already aware of the issue and working on the fix.

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  • RE: how to use life time?

    @114514 As far as I can see, you settled at shard3 where CPU is always limited to 20 CPU. In order to use your additional CPU on other shards please assign it where you want it. You can do that either by Game.cpu.setShardLimits method or use the game UI.

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