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  • RE: Arena replay/console keyboard navigation

    Good idea, we'll see what we can do

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  • RE: Regarding the issue of account theft

    In accordance with our privacy policy, matters pertaining to account termination or the recovery of stolen accounts are exclusively addressed through direct communication with our technical support team and the respective account owner. Please ask your friend to reach out to us via the official support channel at for further assistance.

    Regarding the spawning itself, we'll investigate the issue and fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for the report.

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  • Season #6

    Welcome to Season 6 - The Shifting Frontier!


    Embark on a 60-day strategic expedition in a vast world of 100 by 100 rooms, divided into 10 by 10 sectors. In this season, your starting position - whether closer to the resource-rich top or the more novice-friendly bottom - is an important factor in your overall strategy.

    The season begins in a large area of 40 x 100 rooms. Prepare for a world that evolves daily, opening new rooms to the right and progressively closing those on the left. The first half of the season sees a steady pace of change, with one line of rooms opening and another closing each day. In the second half, the pace intensifies, with two lines closing for each new one that opens, heightening the sense of urgency and strategic depth.

    Your mission is to claim and develop rooms as swiftly as you can. As the world moves, so must you. The energy you invest in upgrading each room becomes your beacon of triumph. When a room you've claimed closes, it's not a calamity but a celebration, as you're rewarded with score points equivalent to the controller progress it made from zero. Remember, energy spent on maintaining RCL 8 rooms doesn't count – it's all about expansion and progress!

    As the season ends, the final territories will be closed and scored, marking the culmination of your strategic journey.

    Get set to start on January 25th when spawning opens! Ticks starts on February 1st, kicking off a season of swift strategies and dynamic challenges. It's not just about building; it's about thriving in a world that waits for no one.

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  • Important Community Update Regarding Recent Events

    Dear Screeps Community,

    Today we want to share with you an open and transparent account of the recent challenges we've faced in Screeps. We believe that "transparency builds trust," and it's with this spirit that we approach this communication. Here is the story of what happened and how we're moving forward.

    1. Uncovering the Exploit: The Genesis of the Issue

    Our journey through this challenge began with a noticeable slowdown in our seasonal server, impacting the gameplay experience. Investigation revealed an exploit (known as "CPU stealing") used by some players to gain excessive computational power, leaving others at a disadvantage. This issue was not confined to the seasonal server but was also prevalent in the persistent world.

    2. Enforcement and Reaction: Addressing the Violations

    In response to these discoveries, we had to make tough decisions, including banning players who used this exploit. This led to an understandable outcry from those affected, pointing out other instances of ToS violations. This feedback prompted us to conduct a thorough investigation, revealing a shocking level of multi-accounting, with some players operating up to 10-15 accounts each! Our commitment to fairness necessitated a comprehensive cleanup operation.

    3. The Fallout: Dealing with the Aftermath

    The banned players' reaction escalated quickly. We faced review bombing, hacking of other players’ accounts, DoS attacks on our infrastructure, and the leaking of stolen game code. We understand the frustration that can come with our actions, but we must emphasize the importance of respecting our game's rules and the community's well-being.

    4. Moving Forward with Determination and Openness

    We are committed to ensuring a healthy, fair, and enjoyable environment for all our players. To this end, we are taking the following steps:

    • Ensuring Fair Play: Vigilantly identifying and addressing rule violations is our ongoing commitment.
    • Updating our Terms of Service: We will revise our Terms to include clear prohibitions against using leaked code.
    • Drafting Fair Play Expectations: We are drafting a document to define the standards of conduct, emphasizing the importance of respect and fairness in our community.

    5. A Commitment to Transparency and Unity

    We stand before you in a spirit of openness, ready to face these challenges together. We regret that these violations went unnoticed for too long, partly due to our focus on developing Screeps: Arena, health condition of our team's lead, and a lack of community reporting. Your support and understanding are invaluable as we navigate these turbulent times. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where creativity, fairness, and enjoyment are paramount.

    In light of the recent review bombing, we gently ask those who have enjoyed Screeps and haven't left a review yet to consider doing so. Your honest feedback is not just appreciated, but crucial in helping us counterbalance the recent wave of negative reviews. This is a way to support the game you love and ensure its rightful representation.

    Thank you for being a part of the Screeps community and for your trust in us during these challenging times. Together, we can overcome these challenges and continue to build a Screeps community that we all can be proud of.

    With heartfelt gratitude,

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  • RE: Crashing on m1 macs

    We absolutely plan to fix that!

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  • RE: Weird CPU reporting and how to delete memory on other shard

    Your code is not executed on shard where you don't have any creeps or structures. In order to clear the memory on another shard, you may send a scout to the target shard via portals and maybe wait couple of minutes. This would activate your code on the target shard and you'll be able to clear the memory. As for displaying excess CPU, it should be fixed for you currently.

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  • Season #5 is open!

    Welcome, Screeps players, to the much-anticipated Season 5! We're about to embark on a new adventure, unveiling a fresh layer of strategy and rivalry in our world!


    This season, we're introducing a unique element - Thorium! This finite, non-renewable mineral is found in each room with a controller, adding an unprecedented dynamic to your Screeps journey. Unlike all other resources in the game, once Thorium is mined, it's gone forever. This finite nature of Thorium will usher in a nomadic experience: to sustain your progress, you might need to abandon depleted rooms and develop new ones. The thrill of exploration and the challenge of expansion are at the heart of Season 5!

    Thorium also brings a novel challenge to your game strategy. Both creeps and decayable structures, such as roads and containers, experience accelerated aging and decay when they come into contact with Thorium. This rate of decay increases logarithmically based on the total Thorium present on the same tile. Whether the Thorium is in a creep's cargo or in a structure's storage, its presence amplifies the rate of decay. The formula used to calculate this increased decay is Math.floor(Math.log10([total Thorium on the tile])). To illustrate, if there are 10 units of Thorium on a tile, the rate of decay increases by 1. For 100 units of Thorium, the decay rate increases by 2, and for 1000 units, it increases by 3. This escalating decay adds a new layer to your strategic planning, emphasizing the critical importance of careful Thorium management.

    After mining Thorium, your mission is to transfer it to a special structure - the Reactor, located in the center of each game sector. Claiming these reactors becomes the crux of your score-earning strategy. Each claimed Reactor consumes 1 unit of Thorium per tick, generating score points for the player who claimed the reactor. Scoring works as follows: For every tick the Reactor operates continuously, the points awarded increase logarithmically. The formula we're using is 1 + Math.floor(Math.log10([ticks of continuous operating])). A critical strategy this season will be to consistently supply your Reactors with Thorium. Remember, the longer a Reactor operates, the more score points you earn from the same amount of Thorium. However, the moment a Reactor runs out of Thorium, it shuts down, and the bonus resets.

    But there's another aspect to consider! Your Reactors aren't safe from the competition. They can be re-claimed by other players using a single creep with the CLAIM body part. This means guarding your Reactors becomes as crucial as keeping them supplied.

    In Season 5, it's a game of careful planning, timely movement, strategic claiming, vigilant defense, and managing the decay-inducing Thorium. Will you adapt to the nomadic lifestyle, manage your Thorium wisely, keep your Reactors supplied, guard them from competitors, and handle the accelerated decay to maximize your score? Or will your progress be halted by the finite nature of resources, the cunning of your rivals, and the ticking clock of decay? The stage is set, and only time will tell.

    Season 5 is here. The Thorium is waiting. The Reactors are ready. Are you?

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  • RE: Healer not finding creeps?

    @key2130 That's right there in the documentation: The target has to be at adjacent square to the creep.

    You need to check if your healer is next to the damaged creep (and move the healer towards the damaged creep if it's away)

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  • RE: Season #4 is open!

    @hailhydra The season 4 is over. Season 5 is to be announced later.

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  • RE: Missing top 30 icon from season III on profile page

    @trepidimous Thanks for the report, we'll look into it a bit later

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