PTR Changelog 2017-09-14: WebGL renderer (WIP)

  • Culture

    I'm seeing an error in the sim where the creeps are jerking around a bit -

    This is on Chrome (completely up to date).

  • Is there anything preventing the unfinished (optional) renderer from going live other than being in an incomplete state? The "experimental" label next to the checkbox ☑ is self evident of incompleteness, and should reduce unnecessary feedback.

    The only reason I care is because the performance is SO GOOD 🏎 even in its incomplete state compared to the existing technique. Toggling back and forth between both rendering methods seems to have no impact.

    I have seen the jerky creep behaviour on PTR that @tedivm showed only when bringing that tab back to focus, however it returns to a stable state in less than 2 seconds, often before the next actual tick. (Chrome Version 61.0.3163.91 (Official Build) (64-bit) )

    Is the new renderer entirely client side, or is there a server impact that prevents releasing it?? 🐸 😀

  • Dev Team

    @mashee We're not going to delay this feature for too long. Once we have all major basic features implemented (listed in the first post here), it will be deployed to production. We expect it to happen within two weeks.

  • @artch That is all kinds of awesome. 😄

  • YP

    currently getting a upgrade notice on the ptr that I can't get rid of (tried all keyboard combos and even disabling all caches in chrome development tools)

    also getting an error:

    build.min.js?bust=1506510255327:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: a.setTerrain is not a function
        at build.min.js?bust=1506510255327:1
        at <anonymous>

  • Culture

    It is amazing how much less battery is used by the client when in WebGL mode. I am very, very happy with the performance difference. I've been sitting outside with the client running in the background and my laptop fans haven't even turned on (with the older client it would literally blast the fans at max).

  • Culture

    I'm also having massive improvements in CPU efficiency. Normally while having screeps open I could not properly play another game without stutters every tick update. With the webgl version I still get solid FPS's in other games.

    I found out by accident yesterday that portals are not yet rendered in the new client.

  • Dev Team

    A new patch has been deployed to the PTR! It includes display and animation of more objects, improved landscape visualization and lighting effects. See how it looks in this GIF:


    Only a few minor improvements and bug fixes are remaining. We expect to deploy it to production on the next week.

  • @artch: Seems to be broken for now (Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit), Linux 4.4.0-96-generic Ubuntu Tue Sep 12 14:59:54 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux).


    Integrated: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

    NVIDIA: GForce 740m



  • Dev Team

    @mototroller Please enable "Show renderer metrics" option and check if it displays "Renderer: WebGL" in the top left corner? I believe it doesn't. What is your GPU model?

  • @artch previous post upfated, you are right, seems like some issues with GPU and f*king NVIDIA+Intel integrated graphics.

  • Dev Team

    @mototroller Does this link show that your browser supports WebGL at all?

  • @artch: looks like yes, but gonna investigate:



  • Dev Team

    @mototroller You might probably need to enable WebGL 2.0 in chrome://flags/#enable-es3-apis

  • @artch: I've already tried this, but it might be an issue with nvidia drivers/default graphical adapter/Intel integrated hardware accelerator/Bumblebee drivers for Intel-nvidia ad-hoc switching in Linux. Thanks, never mind, I gonna try another options, but this conversation should stay here with its keywords. I'll post a solution in case of success.

    Another useful link -- WebGL 2 enabling

  • Dev Team

    The fix for disabled WebGL is deployed. It won't show any fancy lighting effects, but at least will remain playable.

  • Culture

    The lightning / swamp effects seem to have a very big impact on performance:
    Poor FPS since the new update

    I've tested it on this room:!/room/shard1/W48N8

    As for specs:


  • @artch: yep, it's working (without lightning effects, but ok).

    UPDATED: there may be issues with Intel Optimus + Bumblebee drivers (this was my case and it described above). Solution : install and use Nvidia Prime instead of Bumblebee (link).

    Screenshot and adapter details after Nvidia Prime enabling:



    Thanks for help. Anyway, there are lots of possible problems with Linux + NVIDIA drivers, especially for laptops with integrated Intel graphics, they aren't Screeps issues.

  • @dissi are you sure about it's a real impact? FPS showed by metrics isn't stable, but scaling/moving around a room map is pretty smooth. I've got worse NVIDIA GForce GT 740m than you, and metrics shows FPS 10-100 with average is about ~50.

  • @dissi @artch can confirm glitches, yep, FPS is strongly depends on view scale. The higher camera is, the higher FPS is, and vice versa.