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  • RE: Decorations update

    @artch said in Decorations update:

    What makes you think there is no such graffiti? 😉

    The lack of list of possible rolls and their chances... for a start. 😉

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  • RE: Decorations update

    @artch said in Decorations update:

    We appreciate your care about our legal position, but let's not worry about it. We're fine. We analyzed this concern when we designed this feature. It's not gambling, we're not selling items. You can generate pixels in-game using your CPU (which we also sell!), so even if we removed pixels from the store, you still have the same process: buy CPU -> use it to generate pixels -> get random decorations. Or buy CPU Unlocks -> sell for credits -> buy pixels -> get random decorations.

    If there is an OPTION to roll a random thing using something with real world value, that strictly IS gambling. just because you don't force it, doesn't make that go away.

    The randomness of decorations crafting does not make it gambling, it's simply a game mechanic involving some in-game resources. The way how you get these resources is up to you and does not relate strictly to crafting.

    Yes it does, it precisely makes it gambling.

    You can also sell your purchased pixels directly for credits if you wish, so you're not "buying blind". If you choose to spend your pixels in a game mechanic with a random aspect, then that's your choice, we're not forcing you. We provide you with the specific and visible amount of pixels, that's all.

    Having the choice to gamble with them on a completely unknown set of end points is 100% gambling.

    If gambling was treated this way, then any game with some random aspects in its mechanics and transferable purchasable resources would be gambling.

    Yes, that's EXACTLY what it is in ANY and all games with that mechanic where the currency to buy said random boxes is attainable for real world money. This is precisely why there has been a massive crackdown on it artch.. It doesn't matter that there are other options, the fact that there is ANY option to purchase or a purchase flow to get a random lootbox for currency through any path, makes it gambling.

    This is like saying you can gamble to win a thing for x number of monies ( $ cost of pixels) on a random roll, OR you can pay more actual $ to buy the thing from the store... This is 100% gambling.

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  • RE: Decorations update

    @artch said in Decorations update:

    @subodai Thank you for your feedback! It looks like your point is only about graffiti. Indeed, graffiti is the least valuable decoration type by design. We encourage you to try get other types, such as fully customizable landscapes visible on the world map, creep skins, user badges. And in the near future - structure skins and action animations.

    You're welcome but you side-stepped a lot of my questions. from my experience of the rolls so far 90% just seems to be "filler". You skipped over legality, chance of drops, the list of what's droppable (this feels like a 100% requirement, otherwise we're literally buying blind, which is unnacceptable).

    I'll just be skipping this feature in it's entirety I think.

    These items being tradeable from a blind lootbox doesn't feel legal in the EU to me at all.

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  • RE: Decorations update

    @o4kapuk said in Decorations update:

    We are glad to announce that we analyzed recent pixelization statistics and changed some parameters. As a result, Rarity 5 decorations will now drop much more frequently. Enjoy!

    After everyone's dumped their initial pixels income.. great.

    I'm sorry but this feature is a dead horse.. the 'decorations' have no context, meaning or value... they're just random (not very good) vector drawings with absolutely zero relation or value to the game in any meaningful way...

    I was hoping we could add at least our own flare, i.e. a number of pixels we earn = LITERALLY a number of pixels we can make a drawing from or something.. not these quite frankly (parden the language) shit vectors...

    it's like someone scanned a book of clipart or something, I don't wanna bag on whoever designed these, but they just feel so completely out of touch with the entire theme of the game?

    Where's the master list of possible image rolls? (so I can at least limit my shit rolls to a theme to limit the shit rolls)

    Where's the chance-to-drop-chart?

    Are these even legal in most places?

    They're basically lootboxes and BAD ones at that... I've yet to find roll a single half-decent image that has ANYTHING to do with screeps...

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  • loading the overview takes really long time...

    I wasn't online for a while and came back not to check all those new pixels ... but I have a problem with the overview.

    It takes about 40 seconds until it shows something... I tried using chrome and the steam client.


    edit: oh sorry .. I now noticed that there is already a thread about this.

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  • RE: New structure: "Conveyor Belt."

    Alternatively this could also be a creep feature to transfer something from one storage to another without putting it in it's own cargo for a tick.

    The max amount of transfered material could still be the current free cargo of the creep for balancing reasons

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  • RE: Option to disable downgrade notifications

    why don't you upgrade it a bit before it expires? I have done that in the past with sending one upgrader.

    but I think that was when one upgrade resetted the whole timer I think .. don't know if it is still feasible.

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  • RE: Private server not working since update to v4

    have you updated screeps-mongo to the latest version? I'm currently running screeps server v4.0.3 with screeps-mongo without seeing this error.

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  • RE: Need to update the TypeScript declare at @types/screeps

    I have some fixes in my branch ( ..

    I think we discussed about using gitconsensus for the repo a few days ago?

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  • RE: New terrain tile - Water

    I think it would be pretty easy to identify areas in rooms that would for example qualify to be displayed as a sea instead of a stone isle.

    @tigga it could be a wall tile from the terrain type and a different api could reveal the type of the "wall"... besides stone and water maybe more visually different types would be possible.

    If you don't like it named "TERRAIN_MASK_WALL" they could name it different and keep an alias with the WALL name.

    maybe they use the already existing TERRAIN_MASK_LAVA in the future.

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