New Crowdfunding Campaign?

  • Culture

    I was just curious if you'd consider doing another crowdfunding campaign to help speed up development of things in the backlog (or help with scaling so more time can be spent on the backlog). 

    I'm sure plenty of people would be happy to toss in some extra funds. I know for a fact that there are a ton of people who would be more than happy to pay for a custom badge, and subscription tokens can be used at other tiers. I personally wouldn't mind a screeps tshirt.

    I really do think you'd get a decent bump in funds from this. While there are certainly people who wouldn't play this game if the price is much higher, there are also plenty of people who have more disposable income they can occasionally throw to this game and crowdfunding campaigns are a great way to give them that opportunity.

    Plus I really think the map needs more badge diversity 😉

  • Culture

    While I don't entirely have disposable incoming, I would be more than willing donate for custom badges and stuff, If I had know about the original campaigh I would have backed then too  🙂

  • YP

    I like the idea ,)

  • int_max

    @ags131 With the amount of time we play I think any of us would've backed the original campaign. (or maybe it was the second campaign)

  • I love the game, but I need to see more from the devs before they get more money.

  • CoPS

    I'd totally pitch in for a custom badge... I'm eternally jealous of the players who have them.

  • Culture

    I bet some of the people with custom badges would even be willing to pay for a second one- being able to have a separate "war" badge seems like it would have some appeal.

  • Culture

    The idea of having a custom badge appeals me and would make me more than willing to help in this crowdfunding.