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[Alliance] CoPS

Group for members of the CoPS alliance. If you are interested in joining, join #cops_public on the slack.

  • Changelog 2021-07-28

    This is a minor update containing the fix of decaying resources at the same tick they were dropped.

    UPD: This fix is available in private server version 4.2.14.

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  • RE: Migration from Slack to Discord

    The initial setup of our brand new Discord server is completed. Here is the permanent invitation link:

    Screeps Slack will be not maintained anymore.

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  • RE: False TERRAIN_MASK_WALL where is ConstructedWall

    Try this:'W8N8').get(37,0)

    If you have the same results, it's something wrong with your code. Otherwise, please report providing a full version of minimal reproducing code.

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  • RE: 10000000000000.000 for one pixel bought via market

    We're investigating the issue. Everybody who lost their credits because of this issue, please contact the official support.

    UPD: The fix is deployed.

    UPD2: All credits stolen from all players due to this issue are recovered.

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  • RE: Slack workspace deleted?

    Thank you for the report.

    We're aware and investigating the issue.

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  • Season #3 is open!

    Welcome to Season #3! This season will be dedicated to power harvesting, processing, and usage. The goal is to harvest (or obtain somehow differently) and process as much power as possible. 0_1624880359761_img.png

    Game mechanics related to power is changed significantly comparing to regular game rules in other seasons and in the persistent world.

    Power harvesting supposed to be more approachable for less experienced players: power banks do not hit attackers back which means you don't need healer and squad code anymore. You still have the challenge of synchronizing a bank destruction and haulers arrival though.

    Power processing is also easier since it's available from RCL5 now. Also, it is significantly cheaper, in this season you need 10 energy to process 1 power. Building a power spawn is also way cheaper (10000 energy).

    Building a power spawn at RCL5 means that Power Creeps become available very early, and this season provides additional challenges for them both in mid-game and late-game. Namely, the world is very swampy everywhere except 'highways', and spawns count is reduced to 1 regardless of the room control level. Also, energy sources in single-source rooms have their capacity doubled.

    Other game changes: power is enabled by default (and can't be disabled) on all controllers, the market is not available, terminal structures can send resources only to your own terminals.

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  • RE: store.getUsedCapacity() returns null even there is something stored

    This is the expected behavior for a limited store.

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  • RE: Season #2 is open!

    @tigga they should be there currently.

    @eiskalt Just like all obstacles do.

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  • Season #2 is open!


    Season #2 is open! Join now and place your spawn in the new seasonal event. The game will start on March 1 at 18:00 UTC. This season will last for 2 months, till May 1.

    How to join

    In order to spawn in the Season World and start playing there, you have to get access to this particular season. You can obtain Access Keys at the official store, in-game market or Steam Community Market. Season #2 access costs according to the following schedule:

    • 5 Access Keys - February 15
    • 4 Access Keys - March 1 (season start)
    • 3 Access Keys - March 15
    • 2 Access Keys - April 1
    • 1 Access Key - April 15


    A new empty world is created. Every player has 100 CPU. New resource items (symbols) of 22 kinds appear in all rooms randomly from time to time. Collect and bring them to special structures (decoders) with the same symbol placed in all rooms with controllers (one decoder per room) to increase your season score. Note that only decoders placed in owned rooms are active. The more RCL is, the more season score points you get for decoding a symbol. World sectors are isolated from each other by huge constructed walls on the season start, so you have to dig your way to distant players. Players with the most collected resources win the season rewards.

    Other game changes: the market is not available, terminal structures can send resources only to your own terminals. Also, there will be no portals.

    API documentation for the season is already available.

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  • RE: Room controller stuck on LVL 7

    @avp2501 It's not 'stuck' yet. See StructureController.progress and StructureController.progressTotal properties.

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