@artch Precisely this attitude

  • Ok, so listen, you seem to be fighting for an apology, not for yourself, but for some other people. The thing is, most if not all of those people said they don't want an apology and your crusade is really annoying to most of us to the point where it does more harm than good. It doesn't look like it's going to turn around any time soon, too.

    Please stop.


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    @rhef Ya at this point after searching the forums and seeing that so many people have complained about @artch already, I'm just going to leave this here for the next person who tries to take @artch to task for abusive behavior. It seems like plenty of people complain about it already, so it's not like the community doesn't know about the problem. @artch already said it best in that other thread I linked and hopefully, someday this game will get a level-headed moderator.

    I am confused why if screeps has a community manager and @artch isn't that person why @artch hasn't been dealt with by the community manager yet. At this point, this thread has evolved into just a discussion about what can be done to improve the player experience in screeps by taking advantage of the dedicated community it has built.

  • Dev Team

    @zortea said in @artch Precisely this attitude:

    moderators sometimes take comments about the game a bit too much like personal attacks instead of healthy discussion about what is best for the game

    It's funny to read this in a thread full of personal attacks by someone who got offended by a warning for using obscene symbols. 😉

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    Shhh... the adults are having a conversation.


  • Dev Team

    @tdxtor OK, I warned you about offensive language, and you've crossed the line now. Congrats, you're now officially the first user I've banned on this forum in 2020 (such a toxic moderator!)

    10 days.

    UPD: I've checked this message edits history () and decided we don't want such people on our forum at all. Permaban.


  • @artch Ban his account from screeps all together. We don't want him there either!

  • And hear me out. A screeps ban should come in the form of a nuke with a timer of 100 ticks suddenly appears on every spawn they own every 100 ticks.


  • @crazydubc post ^ on feature suggestions. Or we can always do a community-driven initiative, purge-the-outskirts style.

  • @artch Not sure I understand your response. Are you saying that you should be held to the same standard as the other people in the forum? Not trolling, honest question.

  • Culture

    @zortea considering how far you have to go to get banned from this forum- basically alienating and annoying the entire community- I would say that the standard isn't really that high. You basically have to try to get banned from here.


  • @tedivm Oh yeah, I'm not disagreeing with the ban at all, tdxtor was just trolling. But I do feel like genuine questions and concerns are sometimes met with quite a bit of hostility and I wish that was not the case. Most people that bother to post here are doing so because of how much they like the game, it shouldn't be taken like an attack.

  • Dev Team

    @zortea You said I take healthy discussion about the game as personal attacks. I just pointed out that at times there are actual personal attacks. Not always attacks maybe, but getting personal - when someone starts to discuss the developers qualities instead of the game qualities. This thread is a good example of that. And as you can see, I'm always very patient even in such extreme cases.

    I love healthy discussions about the game of any sort. I follow such discussions very carefully, and not only on forum, but also on Slack (earlier IRC), Steam reviews, Reddit, etc. Actually, Screeps is what it is due to these discussions. 70% of the game is influenced by the interaction with the community starting from the very first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and only 30% were my own ideas. So it's really unfair to say that I don't take healthy discussions.

    Sometimes, however, I just may seem not super polite, but it's only because I lack some polite English phrases vocabulary that are often used in official speech. I speak plainly. Not because I'm angry or irritated, but simply because I don't have language skills to look like a diplomat, or a politician, or a big company official person. I'm just a dev guy who talks to other dev guys, and hope you all understand ☺


  • YP

    I appreciate the honesty of that reply. (But pixels are still garbage :P)