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    I would hope that the time spent on the chronicle, videos, etc would turn out to be really good marketing for you and end up paying for itself. Obviously that may or may not be the reality but I'm sure we all wish for screeps continued success

    Unfortunately, we don't have resources to invest into marketing this way, and we have to consider this seasonal project paid work rather than investment. We're a lean startup with a small team and no outside funding.

    Semi off topic, has outside funding been looked for? I'd imagine outside of the usual game investors you'd be able to sell the product well to educational groups, etc..

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    @shibdib Yes, we have looked into that.

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    One more additional reason for selling season entrance fee: we may set up a reward for best players in the season. Say, 1 Subscription Token for everyone in season TOP-X.

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    One more additional reason for selling season entrance fee: we may set up a reward for best players in the season. Say, 1 Subscription Token for everyone in season TOP-X.

    Nice idea!

  • I'd like some stuff my creeps on MMO could show off instead 🙂 Like a banner or something!

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    This can be a content event like "go there, do that, fight with this thing, gather that thing and gain season score points". It will last during the entire season and will be unique for every season. This will be the primary metric for generating the leaderboard; common GCL and GPL metrics will be either removed or made secondary.

    I think racing others over GCL, GPL or a combination could be pretty fun, I would definitely not appreciate it being removed. It also flies well with seeing how existing bots, in it's current state, perform relative to others. To be honest I still have many things to implement on the game as is, getting yet more stuff to program for seasonal content doesn't sound all that attractive to me, especially if it would just be temporary code for just that one season. I will probably not bother at all in that case and focus on stuff that has continued value and use.

    As a side note I think for the regular servers it could be nice to have more forms of ranking/achievements also. Perhaps work on the seasonal game could bring some things over to the regular servers.

  • Can we get any update on this devs? What's the conclusion based on the poll results and how are you going to proceed forward?

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    @qzarstb the conclusion is that seasonal content is planned for development. More details will be announced separately when we're ready to disclose them.


  • I love Screeps and look forward to a seasonal server and any other improvement that allow new players to get into the game.

    Just today, a couple of hours after having a novice area protection lifted (Shard3), a dominating and aggressive player, wiped me out with 2 power creeps. From what I've been able to determine, he is a power player that can't realistically expand any further because of shard3's CPU limit, but he can send out powerful creeps to wipe out new players that claim rooms in the area. I watched as those two creeps went from room to room taking out the spawn in each room so that each player could not rebuild their room. The creeps had enough healing power that even rooms with 6 towers could not damage them.

    Just seems bad for business $$$$ that a player like that can stockpile resources waiting for the novice area protection to be lifted, then proceed to destroy rooms being built by new players. The new players were dead men walking the moment they spawned into the game, just didn't find out until the novice protection was lifted. In this specific case, new players are intentionally being used as target practice. No new player is going to purchase a mmo subscription $$$ to be used as target practice.

    I like the idea of seasonal server because it would significantly reduce he problem I have just experienced. At least everyone would be starting about the same time, so there would not be power players simply camping out, stockpiling resources, then playing target practice with new players.

  • Finally a idea that could bring a steadier and new income stream.
    (And even managed to make me post something)
    However here are my two cents that are needed for it to be a success:

    • Undiscovered world map / fog of war
    • equal CPU limit for all participants
    • you get one chance in a run, so be prepared to defend your self
    • A "season run" starts monthly,
      the time frame should be a 1/3 year aka 4 month.
    • Players need to be registered in advance for a "season run"
      and get grouped based on their overall screeps metrics. (if available)
    • Season servers are instances with a fixed amount of equal starting rooms
      that get randomly populated with players of a group so they are on equal footing.
      (This is to ensure server performance and fairness)
    • Ideally there are three entry models:
    1. season pass: Includes entry fee and a subscription for one entire "season run"
    2. entry fee: a discounted one off payment for players with active subscriptions
    3. subscription token: you already made money of this and it is a good method to reward very active players
    • There need to be rewards that have worth like subscription tokens and
      unique season items like cosmetics or tiered (depending on season performance) landmarks
      (interesting structures that do nothing besides wasting their building material/space just because you can)

    A perk of this approach is, once you have your "season" developed there is actually no need to "abandon" old seasons since people need to register for them anyway.
    This allows all players to get the collectibles over time even if they have to wait for a big enough crowd to start up a server instance. Older season simply can get cheaper over time.

    This is something where I gladly would fork some cash over.
    I have a lifetime sub because I'm not that interested in screeps and try to keep my footprint as small as possible on the server as long I'm not playing actively besides grinding some GCL.
    But the season idea is something that I would invest time in since it is something definitive with a goal.