PTR Changelog 2019-05-13: Factories

  • Dev Team

    Added new property: Deposit.lastCooldown.


  • @o4kapuk Thanks ^

  • What is the point of the factories?

    TO help the economy or something?

  • @communication The tone of your comment seems harsh and troll-y. Like when someone asks a question to vent their frustration rather than looking for a real answer.

    But lets assume I'm misreading the tone and answer to parts.

    What is the point? Philosophy for a moment, why add new features to a game at all? On a less deep plane I think the point is to enrich the breadth of screeps. Create so much content and possibilities that no one can write code for it all. In that messy, lovely sandbox players can choose which aspects that appeal to them most and long time active players still have new challenges to conquer.

    What do factories change? How do the devs foresee factories interacting with existing systems, (also acknowledging that a good system should be solid and vague enough to allow new emergent, unforeseen play).

    My impression is that factories will help anchor Strongholds into the world better.

    The Deposits are geodiverse, which is a new element of the game (until now we've really only had center, meridian, edges, and corners for sector variation).

    I believe elsewhere in forum @o4kapuk said that one of the goals was to encourage diversity in rooms for empires >10 rooms. Up to now there has been very little pressure to specialize rooms.

    The Deposit spawn, harvesting, and decay are tuned to defeat any single obvious best approach.

    An finally wrt to the economy which I think might be your real question. Why are NPC buy_orders being removed from the market? Why not keep them both? To that I only have speculation. On the surface limiting buy_orders to Factory commodities helps anchor Factories into the world better. There might be some other problem the devs a trying to correct with the market, thus killing two birds with one stone.


  • [12:14:50][shard1]{"room":{"name":"E10N22","energyAvailable":0,"energyCapacityAvailable":0,"visual":{"roomName":"E10N22"}},"pos":{"x":5,"y":33,"roomName":"E10N22"},"id":"5cd9769e18671c6dbd827d42","depositType":"biomass","cooldown":0,"ticksToDecay":-20050}

    Deposits not despawning?

  • Dev Team

    @geir1983 they should be despawning, I'll double-check that.

  • @o4kapuk sending in a scout made them despawn, observers were not enough.

  • Dev Team

    @geir1983 It should be fixed now


  • Seems also the new .lastCooldown is not defined:


  • This week I'm seeing carryCapacity limit errors with creeps and new resources. Did something change between the last reset? 0_1558379303665_96d9f685-f358-4bcc-ad65-1056e8044863-image.png

  • Dev Team

    @smitt33 Interesting. We'll take a look, thanks.

  • Can 2 or more creeps harvest the resource from Deposit? I tried to do this, but only one creep received the resource (both harvest() returned "0")

  • @x3mka I read the code. Only one can extract at a time. Dual harvesting works with minerals because the current cooldown is tracked as _cooldown and later it's applied to the actual .cooldown. Deposits update the cooldown directly.

    update: multi-harvesting would still work before cooldown starts to occur. But if my math is correct that's around 500 extracted (so pretty early on).

    @o4kapuk I think this should be a bug. Dual harvesting is an interesting optimization that some players make for mineral harvesting. It'd be a shame if they could not do it as well for Deposits.

  • Dev Team

    @deft-code Harvesting deposits with multiple creeps is the expected behavior. It was a bug, should be fixed now.

  • Market order limit isn't increased to 300 yet...

  • Dev Team

    @demawi All changes to the market will be deployed as a separate patch.

  • Dev Team

    The release date of this feature: October 15. It will go live to production along with all other planned features.