PTR Changelog 2017-09-14: WebGL renderer (WIP)

  • Culture

    @w4rl0ck even with all the fun bits turned on I'm not seeing that much of a performance difference and my battery life is amazing compared to what it previously used to be while running screeps.

    I also just want to say that this looks amazing. The increased contrast makes it much more visible in high glare areas.

  • Culture


    I really like the opacity effects on the spawns. Could we get different colored lights from the minerals?

  • YP

    I have noticed a few bugs... not sure what might be a bug or what is not implemented, yet

    • In my own room I don't see sources and minerals.. I can see the effect when the sources are harvested
    • I can't see construction sites ( I see the render count go up when I place some )
    • Flags only have one color...
    • Can't see creeps say

    • If I set a flag in an empty room the controller disappears (even if I deselect "Show Flags") ... if I add a second flag the source disappear... if I add the third flag the mineral disappears

    no flag:

    one flag:

    two flags:

    three flags:

    looks like every flag I set removes something 🙂

  • Dev Team

    @w4rl0ck Nice catch with flags! It's fixed, page hard reload is needed.

    Creep.say is not implemented yet.

  • [BUG]: after some time (> ~5 minutes) out of Screeps tab the renderer hangs with static background image and some creeps stayed inside walls and other intermediate positions (Ubuntu, Google Chrome):




  • Text is particularly blurry (room.visual.text) at certain zoom levels that were otherwise readable in the old renderer. Unsure if the new lighting is a factor or not, I don't recall text readability issues previously.

    Overall runs great. Would really like a checkbox to turn off lighting effects.

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