New Community Manager

  • Dev Team

    Hello Screeps world, let me introduce myself.

    My name is Nikolay, and I am a programmer.

    It’s been around 20 years since I execute my first “Hello world” so I’d say I do it as long as I can remember myself.

    Some players may know me as ‘o4kapuk’. I started playing Screeps in December of 2016 primarily because I wanted to improve my skills in JavaScript (I work as .NET developer last years) but I have barely noticed how I was caught by the game. Now I have a passion for the game, and I’m happy to be a part of the team. As Community Manager, I’ll work together with Dissi to provide better connectivity between development team and game community. I will be also helping with everyday support.

    Feel free to ping me in Slack (@o4kapuk) if you need something.

    Hope to see you in-game!


  • Dear Community,

    This is a good joke on all of you ... putting the new Community Manager as the Hatchet Man in the game. He just let his Creeps go on my rooms and started the process of destroying each room.

    Great helper of the community ... NOT.
    Advocate for the Community ... NOT.

    Killer of the Community is a better title.

    He did this in the name of "making the map smaller". Well, he will get his wish ... I will no longer play the game and the game will lose my subscription $$$ and the map is smaller.

    I expect this post to be deleted almost immediately since he has the ability to do that.

    I just hope the Devs get to see it before he deletes it so they know that he is actually costing them money each time he does this.

    What a joke "community manager & advocate".

  • So you got attacked in a PvP game about coding and automation and you're upset? You still have your code, market credits, and GCL. You learn, improve your defense, and respawn to try again. If you automate room construction and claiming suddenly getting removed becomes far less of a setback.

  • The point is that he is the Community Manager & Advocate ... and he is eliminating players. How can he be an advocate for people he is wiping off the map?

    Here is a sample of the exchange from him:

    XyzzyPrime: Thank you for helping me see the true nature of the game ... it is just for the "groups of players" that have been here for a long time. Newbies not welcome. Yesterday at 1:48:03 PM

    o4kapuk: You're welcome.

    Excellent Advocate ... NOT!

  • Culture

    He's a community advocate and a member of the community. People who join the EVE CSM don't stop going to war in game, and we shouldn't expect the people here to stop playing the game either.

  • int_max

    @xyzzyprime Getting killed is part of the game

  • Kill him harder o4kapuk!!! 🗡 😱 He's still breathing and typing dribble on the forum. 😄

    I mean seriously...who wouldn't be honored to be attacked/killed off by a known entity/celebrity of screeps. Learn from the best.

    [insert millennial comment here] 😛

  • @tedivm Can you imagine this snowflake in EVE?

  • Dev Team

    Dear @XyzzyPrime,

    As I said before, I have zero intention to turn our in-game territorial feud into a personal conflict (even after you publish part of our private conversation without the context), so I see no reason to delete your message.

    Being Community Manager does not restrict my gameplay, CMs are free to play as they wish, just like any other player, yourself included.

    Every top-level player would agree that the most valuable game assets are your game code, gcl and credits. None of those could be ever taken from you.

    But, from what I saw in your rooms, you use publicly available OCS codebase, and I didn't spot any sign of modification. Probably you weren't coding at all in this game about coding, which is a wrong way to play Screeps, because you don't gain any progress in what's truely matters here. Probably that's why you thought that your rooms are the most valuable asset, and that's why you're so frustrated when you lost it.

    Screeps is fun in every aspect (being killed included) if you play properly. Too bad that your game experience delivered negative emotions to you, and I wish you to learn from what happened, start over with your own codebase and have fun in the game.