New Community Manager

  • Dev Team

    Hello Screeps world, let me introduce myself.

    My name is Nikolay, and I am a programmer.

    It’s been around 20 years since I execute my first “Hello world” so I’d say I do it as long as I can remember myself.

    Some players may know me as ‘o4kapuk’. I started playing Screeps in December of 2016 primarily because I wanted to improve my skills in JavaScript (I work as .NET developer last years) but I have barely noticed how I was caught by the game. Now I have a passion for the game, and I’m happy to be a part of the team. As Community Manager, I’ll work together with Dissi to provide better connectivity between development team and game community. I will be also helping with everyday support.

    Feel free to ping me in Slack (@o4kapuk) if you need something.

    Hope to see you in-game!


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