[Structure] Portal generator

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    Request for a new building!

    The reason I'm proposing this is due to the range I personally have to travel to "do" stuff in alliances. The problem is that I currently only supply minerals for warring with others. It's more beeing the supplier.

    I'd love to get more into action, but it's currently impossible due to travel lengths.

    My idea was:

    Portal generator


    • Becomes portal for X ticks when activated
      • 10 tick portal - Short lifespan
    • Costs X minerals per tick per room distance to sustain
      • Costs X minerals per room distance
      • Allow extending portals lifespan
    • 1 square only - 2 way travel
      • Might be used against you!
    • Destination may only be in highway rooms, maybe SK rooms
      • Avoids creating of portals to the center of an owned/reserved room
    • Acts like a normal portal, but has some restrictions.
      • Restriction for claimers to travel through player-made portal.

    I'd love to get the feedback of you guys.


    Possible defenses can also be automated with safe-mode 

  • I would suggest an RCL8 structure similar to the Terminal, that you can use to teleport creeps over to rooms of other people with that structure, assuming they accept the transfer.  then it requires coordinated effort and limits the griefing aspect.

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    That's an excellent idea.

    This way we can use it like an observer, and if both point to each other it becomes active.

  • Dear Dissi,

    Thank you for bringing this up.

    As you might realize, I would find such a structure quite agreeable considering I am facing similar issues. However, I do not believe such a thing should be implemented.

    High ranking players already have a significant amount of power projection. Far beyond what most players realize. Increasing the ability to project force would have an overall detrimental effect on the community.

    Kind regards,

  • I like the idea of portal generator but to allow you to open and link it in highway room is a bit convenient. That structure will be used as mean for invade far distance room other than what you intent.

    I suggest that portal generator should be build in both our base and target ally room. To maintain portal every tick both party should pay 50 energy, same amount as register power to power spawn (or even more energy to limit it usage). To open portal both players must allow connection so these portals can be connected.

    These feature make it more easier to help ally defend their bases and open new way to expand new base in faraway territories.

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    I agree with you ART999, the addition of "mutual accepted connections" combined with high energy costs should be the way to go.

  • I dislike it as this entrenches large alliances even more by removing their worry about terrain or land-locking one another from further expansions (and doing that with only penalty being cost of portaling creeps around). If your alliance is so big that you cannot even support one another that is a good sign that it's too big.

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    Oh I love this idea just for the pathfinding implications alone!

    The Transporter idea is also a good one.

  • Does StructureSpawn.renewCreep only work on your own creeps? (The documentation doesn't specify the creep being renewed has to be your own)

    If not, I'd suggest that's the way to go; have your allies maintain your army via renewCreep.

  • Renew is own creeps only and removes their boosts