Season #2

  • @systemparadox I don't see how public segments or terminal.send descriptions don't fulfill that role.


  • @robalian said in Season #2 concept:

    @systemparadox I don't see how public segments or terminal.send descriptions don't fulfill that role.

    Public segments are a pain to work with. You have to constantly poll it instead of receiving an event. There's no way for the other side to know that you got the message unless you setup some sort of acknowledgment system and they also poll you.

    If you've got two people closely cooperating you can make it work, but it becomes messy fast if you start to involve more people. Everyone has to parse the entire segment all the time, even if most of it is meant for other people, which is a waste, it's confusing, and there's no privacy - everyone can see everything in the public segment. If you've got a large alliance the best option is to designate some as a "master" to coordinate everything, but then that person has to poll everyone else, and you can only read one at a time so now it's really slow.

    It's completely useless for ad-hoc communication. If I want to setup something where my bot will automatically negotiate and provide some service for exchange or fee, I can use controller signs or creep.say to broadcast this and public segments to provide information. The only way someone else can engage with this is to move a creep into my room and use creep.say, which is far too limited.

    Descriptions for terminal.send do nothing to help this (as an aside, why can we only add descriptions to terminal.send and not Why do I have to waste terminal cooldown time to send a simple message? What if I don't have a terminal, or any resources to send, or I'm busy, you know, using it to actually trade!!? Or you don't have a terminal, or your terminal is full?

    Besides, terminal.send isn't even an option in seasonal, as it's disabled between players.

  • @tigga said in Season #2 concept:

    Or old players from joining the season. Personally I feel a player's performance should be measured by how well their code performs, not how many freinds they have.

    One way to fix this and turn it more into "global coop" would be to re-enable the market. I'm not really interested in trying to coordinate between a ton of neighbors who live in different time zones & speak different languages. We all "speak the same language" when it comes to the market.

  • YP

    @dignissi enabling the market would make any coop unnecessary.

  • @w4rl0ck Somewhat, but only really true if there isn't the scaling based on how much of a particular element you've processed. Otherwise you still want to drop off in as many rooms as possible, so it's better to be chummy with your neighbors.

  • Honestly, I don't need ratings and awards at all. The current season is not very interesting to me.

    I don't need a rating or awards or a battle for the first place. I would just like to get an interesting unique event for the money spent.

    The current season rules with symbols and decoders look boring :(. The previous season looked more fun.

    I am extremely glad that "screeps" came to the concept of seasons. This will allow you to set different challenges for the players and enable the community of players to solve them during this event. But I expected more from these seasons. I'm even ready to completely abandon the reward system and pay more for the Season Pass if there were more classic events and more fun for me.

    For example, the event is "zombie apocalypse". The rules are simple, but no less fun. Players build forts and defend the location from zombies trying to survive. As the season lasts, more and more zombie creeps attack the players, which push them closer to the center of the map forcing them to keep the defense for a long time. The larger and stronger the player's account, the more zombies will attack him. Here you can also add a rating by the number of killed zombies. Or to make a team rating, whose team defended longer and killed more zombies, they receive top prizes.

    I also really like the concept of the fog of war. I would introduce it into the current game and into the seasons. Personally, it would be much more interesting for me to explore the world from the spawn point and create a world map myself, find other players nearby or some kind of resources. Let's say players do not choose a spawn location, but it is assigned to them randomly and do not see the boundaries of the world and the location of the players, and in these conditions they need to complete some task, say, find rare artifacts, and deliver them to the base. This would make it possible to set up effective ambushes on other players, because they wouldn't know where you came from without exploring the map or tracing the route of your creeps. In this case, it makes no sense to destroy the base of the beginner player, because he is also looking for artifacts and in order to successfully collect them, you can collect them yourself, and take away from other players who have already collected them. If the enemy does not know the location of all your bases, then if you have not succeeded in building defenses, we can hide resources and artifacts in another base that your enemy does not know anything about.

    In general, you can come up with many interesting and funny mechanics. I find the idea of ​​the next season very boring :(.

  • Dev Team

    @doctorcat92 Unfortunately, such ideas are more like separate mini-games that would require way more development time than we can afford within the current budget. The Season World is meant to be just a separate world with GCL 0 every time and a pinch of new mechanics just to give it a unique flavor. For something completely different and new, I would recommend to wait for Arena.


  • Per discussions in slack:

    Portals should start rare/short range, and increase in frequency towards the end. This helps accomplish many of the goals I talked about previously for smaller maps.

    Energy gets very abundant at some points. However, "temple" rooms and power creeps - the two ways to increase energy use - aren't very feasible in season due to the time limits lowering their time horizon. Should seasonal see the removal of the 15e/t cap at RCL8? Or incorporate energy into scoring (eg having to process it first like power) to provide a new sink?

    A further idea - being able to change a symbol using energy. It would cost X energy and Y ticks in a lab reaction to turn one tick in either direction per the wheel. This would provide an energy sink. This would allow better solo play, while retaining co op as the most efficient path. Good decoder choice would still be important, as the further away on the wheel the symbol is, the more lab time and energy it takes to make compatible. With a good choice of rate cap on a decoder, it may not be feasible to force 5 different symbols into it anyways.

    Finally, a lot of us want to see the convoy lifestyle that would arise from no terminals at all. What if symbols couldn't be sent thru terminal? This would increase the value of locality of decoders. I think this would create an interesting counterbalance to the "maximize remote sources" meta of MMO, which was amplified by the "maximize score gathering reach" of season 1. This would mesh well with being able to modify symbols - with a far decoder, do you pay energy to transport, or to modify?

  • Collecting score resources and fighting over score resources is a good CPU/energy sink. Not sure we need anything else.

  • Dev Team

    Season #2 spawning starts on February 15. The season start is March 1. Get prepared!

    We will announce detailed rules and release the documentation on February 15.