Game.cpu.generatePixel change

  • Dev Team

    @rhef I appreciate your efforts and engagement in this situation, and also mature attitude in keeping this conversation within boundaries.

    Still, it seems you're very new to Screeps. I don't mean to insult you with this, it just means you are not informed enough. I'd like to encourage you to research our previous efforts in crowdfunding (Screeps was crowdfunded from the very beginning), crowdsourcing (many features in Screeps were not only proposed, but implemented by the community) and community interaction. Just ask some veteran Screeps players on Slack, or dig through this forum a bit, and you will see that we are very committed to everything you're saying here. And even while being not a bank, we used extensive procedures of engaging community into drafting, discussing, and testing everything all the way during past 5 years.

    In all modesty, I'm confident enough to say that we have enough experience with these things to clearly see both pros and cons for every approach we choose in different circumstances.

    And again, I have to repeat, this generatePixel situation is a bit unique due to many factors. This is not how we usually handle things, and I don't think such combination of factors will happen again in the near future.

    That being said, once you get yourself familiar with our previous efforts and their results, we will happily listen to any idea how things can be improved in the future, and are open to any constructive discussion.


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    @artch said in Game.cpu.generatePixel change:

    Since emotions are settled down finally, I'm opening the thread again, and moving some relevant posts here to keep it in one place. Please remember to be respectful and stick to the constructive discussion without getting personal, offending and accusations.

    Glad to hear it. Since you've had time to cool off and compose yourself, are you ready to apologize to @Rhef @cribbit and @CrAzYDubC now?

  • Bro, please, let it go. Chill. It's enough. You've made your point.


  • Dev Team

    @rhef Please just ignore him. The more attention he receives, the more flood we will get on the forum. He already posted this in 4 other threads and even submitted a Steam review seeking as much attention as possible.


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    @rhef I'm glad to hear it, but it seems like it's still not getting through to @artch

  • Banned

    @artch The longer you take to apologize to the customers you are supposed to be helping, not abusing, the more replies I will have to post. It'll all be over as soon as you take your job seriously.

  • @tdxtor You are aware that out of whole community (at least active one in this thread) You're a single one person who is interested and continues the drama You started ?

    Everything what was to be said/written was said/written and Your unfulfilled need to be on-top / winner / apologized to ain't gonna happen and it will probabbly end with You getting banned in forums or anywhere else that you'll post Your spam...

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    @gadjung I'm not asking for @artch to apologize to me, I'm asking him to apologize to the customers he insulted in this thread. Since I'm sinking to the same level as @artch I definitely wouldn't expect an apology now even if I had before. It's important to the health of the game that we continue to be able to bring in new players as old players leave, and to do that we need to make sure that they will have positive interactions with the devs (particularly any whose position is explicitly to provide professional and effective communication). If we as a community let this slide, we are saying it is okay for screeps employees to treat people that way, and hurt the whole community by costing us players, which in turn costs us unique interactions, fresh viewpoints, and potential enjoyment of the game.


  • Dev Team

    @tdxtor OK, I'm giving you the final warning: stop flooding this thread with off-topic. If you want to discuss developers-community interaction, start a new thread. This thread is about the generatePixel change, and any new post about this drama of yours will be considered flood and deleted. If repeated, there will a ban on the forum for 10 days.

    PS I'm not an "employee" at Screeps. The community manager is another guy.


  • @artch could we please update the documentation to reflect this change? I'm not sure how somebody would know about this other than finding this article or perhaps reading screeps source code.

    [edit] Sorry, I didn't read the full thread but it sounds like intents are no longer cancelled. Docs are up to date then. Thx.