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    @smokeman said in Season #1 announcement:

    Where the video?

    In the first post. Don't you see it?

    Well, those are impressive rewards. And many are fungible to many millions of credits. Also, the last prize, that says "top N" from 1 to 100? Does that mean the number 1 player gets 10 of each of the top 1..3 items, then on down to 3 of the "top 100" items?

    You don't get lower items, you only get the items that are specified for your place. The "Top N" label on the last item indicates the design of the graffiti decoration.

  • Where the video?

    I think it's the short gif of resource collection/deposit in the top post.

    I like this challenge, there are a number of different strategies that all seem viable. I'd love if there were frequent dev posts (each month?) about events happening in the season server. I miss the screeps review ones and this should be fast paced enough to have worthwhile updates. As a side question: If there are issues with server downtime or gamebreaking behavior, will the season be extended?

  • Do we have controller decorations today? Or was that a hidden announcement in the OP?

  • Some things that were mentioned on slack, and I thought I'd repeat it here (though I know @o4kapuk saw):

    1. A running leaderboard is a must-have IMO.
    2. I think something to prevent hoarding the special resource will be good. If it acts as a normal resource and is the same order of magnitude as power/deposits in terms of quantity (or even 10x higher) then the only interesting combat will be on pickup. Drop-off can't be prevented as any static guards can be overwhelmed by bursts. You sit there for 50k ticks with x creeps, I arrive for one 100 tick burst with 5x creeps. I spent less, and you don't acheive anything.

    So on the hoarding, what could be done. There were a few ideas:

    1. Make the resource so plentiful that you couldn't hoard it. It'd just fill your storage.
    2. Add a decay to the resource even in a store. Controlling drop-off routes now becomes important as it's time sensitive.
    3. Make resources damage whatever is holding them every tick. Similar to 2). You'd want to get rid of it.

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    Do we have controller decorations today? Or was that a hidden announcement in the OP?

    It will be first introduced only for these season rewards.

  • @Tigga I agree that actually being able to defend the drop-off point would be cool, but wouldn't a simple cooldown mechanic which limits the drop off throughput be much easier to implement (already exists in game) and have the same results to what you're proposing?

    Edit: Limiting the throughput might even result in the top players needing to get control of multiple drop-off points, which would be nice IMO.

  • Throughput limits on the output would kinda work. I don't think they'd be quite so effective: you'd still be able to burst so long as your average was less than whatever the limit is set at.

  • Can you please review the "terminal structures cannot be constructed"? I think disabling the market is fine but not having a terminal will require a lot of code changes/deviation from regular code.

  • I think it would not be much change for me, if it is correct in the game constants like "CONTROLLER_STRUCTURES".

    Besides, i wonder how i can upload code there (via api), just use and a new token?

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    @saruss is API root for the season server


  • @o4kapuk This link seems broken

  • @o4kapuk said in Season #1 announcement:

    @saruss is API root for the season server

    @rysade said in Season #1 announcement:

    @o4kapuk This link seems broken

    I was confused about this as well. I think that's the API for external access (e.g. using screeps-api). I guess they haven't released the documentation for the seasonal in-game API yet.

  • Hopefully the official grunt can be updated for seasonal (and hopefully this PR merged at the same time: )


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    One change to the rules. Since it's the first pilot season, we would like to make entry as easy as possible with the current existing code. We decided to allow terminal structures construction. However, it will allow to send resources only to your own terminal, not to other players. This will make cooperation a bit harder (although not impossible).

    We may use the no-terminal rule in the next season #2, with a more advance notice.


  • AYCE

    I really like the idea of disabling terminals in seasonal, but I agree that it's a good idea to introduce such features over time. Disabling market might be enough for the first season.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Will these methods still be available in the season world?


    The last one is especially useful to estimate costs of Terminal.send

  • Removing (and all its method/properties), as was proposed on slack, is more game breaking than not being able to build the terminal in my opinion.

    In my opinion, disabling markets should be done in a non breaking way, for example return some error code on creating orders. If the entire object is removed, silly things like access to would error out.


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    We decided to leave game API as it is because removing the source of credits looks enough for disabling the entire market.


  • @o4kapuk said in Season #1 announcement:

    We decided to leave game API as it is because removing the source of credits looks enough for disabling the entire market.

    Presumably with send auto-blacklisting other players?