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  • Size of InterShardMemory

    I can't figure out how big InterShardMemory can be.

    Do it share the 2MB limit with Memory or does it have a separate limit?

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  • RE: Container sizing

    I support the idea but the breaking change would be an issue my idea linked below would solve the issue adding a new structure similar to the existing extractor with a built in container. Maybe storage capacity of 5k-10k

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  • RE: Static Source Farmer Structure

    @deft-code said in Static Source Farmer Structure: Hauling from a 2000 cap container isn't any less efficient than hauling from a larger capacity structure.

    Cough Cough Carry Capacity Boosts Cough

    If the structure has say 5-10k capacity it opens up some interesting mechanics like boosted energy haulers sharing multiple sources. May actually create a market for some of the non-military boosts.

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  • RE: Market for CPU Bucket


    In my code I calculate the value of an action in credits. For example how does extracting energy compare to power or minerals. Each has a unique cost in the number of intents and CPU usage relative to produced value.

    I think there are other things to consider such as efficiency some players have better positioning or code to handle specific tasks. At different times they may consider themselves a buyer or seller of CPU based on their immediate conditions. Example ample power resource nearby or minerals to extract or wall construction times vs periods of relative stability and mineral cooldown.

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  • RE: Market for CPU Bucket

    There has been a bit of discussion on the slack:

    So main concerns would be limiting max execution time of a player and total effect on server compute time.

    I think the first concern would be taken care of because of a limited number of sellers and huge demand. I think that initially a lack of sellers would lead to high initial prices until the market has some depth and a "fair" price could be determined.

    Unlike other resources, this is one that all players would be interested in which could dramatically increase market participation.

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  • Market for CPU Bucket

    The idea is a market for CPU. The most simple way to implement this would be to transfer bucket between players.

    For example:

    Player 1 has 10000 bucket and player 2 has 5500 bucket.

    Market order for 500 bucket at 1 credit per bucket.

    Order executes and Player 1 Bucket -500 now 9500 Player 2 Bucket +500 now 6000


    Increased CPU available in time of need.

    Credit sink for game inflation w/ Market Fees (NPC's Buy and Sell increasing total credit supply)

    Clear Metric for value of CPU when doing cost benefit analysis within code.


    Could be overused or abused by small group of players but in a market system supply and demand would balance out.


    Up Market fee to 25% on energy orders to remove more credits from the ecosystem.

    Bucket is still limited to 10000 cpu.

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  • Static Source Farmer Structure

    As a late game mechanic static source farming could reduce server overhead by simplifying the process of energy extraction and also making it more uniform and predictable.

    Concepts to consider:

    Late-game concept by having a high build cost involving both energy and secondary resources.

    Should there be a maintenance fee? (Need to periodically insert resource ex: ops resource?)

    Size of internal storage container - 3000-10,000 would be my suggestion for sizing.

    More Powerful Invaders in Industrial Mined Rooms - Requires Creeps to Clear it

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  • RE: So long and thanks for all the fish

    Hope you come back later, Steve. Thanks for the SWC-organization and our other encounters in Screeps!

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  • RE: WTF is wrong? My creeps just jumped a shard...

    I have seen a bug where if you sit on shard1/E1N1 and change the url to shard2/E1N1; then use the minimap to look at a nearby room you end up on shard1 again.

    Not sure if that has caused your problem, but just in case it is related.

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  • RE: PowerCreeps - Sporadic Loss of PowerCreep.memory

    That explains it, I'm not checking if I'm the owner when I run foreach on all PCs in Game.powerCreeps.

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