Request: More Links

  • Can we get 2-3 more STRUCTURE_LINK to use?

  • Or fat links that can hold 1600?

  • Dev Team

    We're currently working on links revamp, including a way to increase their throughput


  • May I humbly request a tesseract.

    Each one built shares contents with the others in the room. Its throughput is half of its capacity.

    The implementation should be interesting too (a hidden object to manage the shared properties). And the new feature would be something new that players could code against rather than scaling up their link code.

    Double bonus if Tesseracts are unowned structures that can be built in unclaimed rooms. Then the optimization is then whether the energy upkeep is worth the improved intent efficiency in remote rooms, don't just make a new clearly better strategy.


  • @tigga fatter links only helps a tiny bit. If the creep stays by the link for 3 ticks it can completely unload 1600 energy. Queueing up haulers to unload is much more of a tradeoff. Fatter links would improve the througput but a shorter cooldown would as well without removing the coding problem.

  • @deft-code could you be more specific? A tesseract is a structure that has:

    • a "charge" for upkeep that needs to be renewed from time to time
    • and gives access to a virtual room wide storage


    • each with a local storage that distributes its contents evenly to the other tesseracts like buckets connected with hoses

    Which one is it?
    Regardless I find the idea intriguing and much more interesting than the links, adds more depth to the gameplay.

  • @MrFaul The idea would be the first you described. A structure the player builds and that gives access to a virtual room wide storage. I didn't have anything special in mind for the upkeep, just hit decay like containers.