BOMB Bodypart

  • Currently there is the heavy hitter nuke at RCL 8 and nothing below that.

    Let's give low-levelers a chance to fight back with the BOMB Bodypart:

    • Reduces lifetime to 600 ticks.
    • Generates 2x fatigue.
    • Has 50hp.
    • Costs 300E.
    • Deals 300 indiscriminate dmg in a 3x3 area.
    • Can be boosted like ATTACK.
    • Explodes when destroyed but not when the lifetime ends or creep.suicide() is triggered.
    • Adds creep.armBomb() which self inflicts maxHp / 5 DMG / tick

    Countermeasure: blow it up before it reaches you or heal until it dies...

    Your thoughts?

  • int_max

    Nukes are pretty simple to combat, you either build ramparts or move your structures

  • My main idea behind the BOMB is that it allows lower levels to do at least somewhat of DMG to higher levels if they use them very strategically / tactically.

    It has its fair share of drawbacks but could deal a ridiculous amount of DMG either to yourself or your opponent 😂

  • YP

    Let's give low-levelers a chance to fight back

    and what prevents higher players to use it to decimate lower players even more ? 😉

  • Absolut nothing, bombs won't bridge more than two RCLs at most.

    But the current state produces with one RCL already a significant power gap...

    Besides bombs are fun and enhance the combat gameplay significant.

  • I like the idea of a bomb part, but in a world where creeps only live for 1500 ticks anyway, I think there would have to be careful balancing to make sure they don't become the dominant strategy in combat while still being useful.

    I think they would be more interesting as a way to efficiently damage structures.

    I think the TTL reduction is an inelegant way to balance it. I don't like that the CLAIM part does it either.

    I don't think it does anything to help low-level players fight higher level players.

  • To be honest I don't like the lifetime reduction myself, but I haven't found another way in my thought experiments without making it to op. You still need to be able to counter a bomb and adding 900 ticks to the "keep it alive" Paradigma is imo to harsh on the defending party.

    All other ideas are way to complicated to be fun and would add significant development time.