Planned resets not refilling bucket

  • Since Shard1 went live I don't seem to be getting a bucket refill on scheduled resets. Was this a deliberate change, or did something break?

  • Culture

    Not all scheduled resets give the boost, just the "reset storms". Can you confirm that this bug is present during reset storms?

  • It doesn't look like reset storms are happening every six hours like they did before Shard1 went live.

    I only seem to have recorded one reset storm since Shard1 went live which happened from about 13:55 to 14:20 UTC on Aug 6.

    I didn't record any of the standard 1000 CPU gains to my bucket during the period of this reset storm.

    There may have been one or two other reset storms, but they didn't look quite right to be called as such from my graphs, plus they didn't refill my bucket either.


    P.S. My data is just collected by my in-game script on Shard0.

  • YP

    I had not a single tick yet with bucket > 10000 in the last 3 days (which I had during reset storms on shard0) so I guess this is disabled on shard1.

  • Culture

    It seems my update to this was lost in the migration, but I've confirmed this on shard0 as well. It seems that we no longer are getting the boost for the reset storms that we used to get.

  • Dev Team

    Thanks for reporting, fixed.