Season #4 is open!

  • Dev Team

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Season #4!

    0_1641757672327_img (2).png

    In this season, special unarmed caravans randomly appear in crossroad rooms to travel to another crossroad room. Every creep in a caravan initially carries 1 unit of a random commodity and accepts the same commodity. Players are supposed to produce commodities, intercept those caravans and transfer the produced commodities to the correspondent creep to earn season score points. Carriers will drop resources they don’t accept to the ground. They also will explode when damaged or blocked.

    Other game changes: every player has 100 CPU, the market is not available, terminal structures can send resources only to your own terminals. Also, there will be no usual portals.

  • TMB

    GL and HF to all those participating

  • Looking forward to another season. GL all! 🙂

  • Will caravans just accept "Basic regional commodities" or will they also accept "Higher commodities" for more points? see:

  • @trepidimous According to o4 on the Discord the caravans will accept:

    All tiers. The higher the tier, the more score

  • If I may ask, are the caravan scoring points additional points for the ranking, besides the expansion rate, or is this the only factor for the final score?

    Or are there more factors for the calculation of the rankings?

  • Hmm, I purchased the tokens to get into the seasonal world, but when I go to place my spawn it takes me back to the Persistent World vs Seasonal World choice.

    Only replying here as looks like screeps official support page is down / doesn't have SSL cert...

  • Dev Team

    @hailhydra The season 4 is over. Season 5 is to be announced later.