Clarification request on "Cpu limit abusing"

  • Dev Team

    I wouldn’t have an issue if you lowered the hard reset timeout down to something like 600ms, especially if it means tick speed might increase as a result.

    600ms (500+100) might be not enough for some GC runs.

    How much is 1 CPU nowadays? Is it still 0.5 ms?

    1 CPU is always equal to 1 ms.

    Is there a way to include the call stack in the timeout message?

    Unfortunately, no, there is no way to determine at what line the underlying script has been interrupted exactly.

  • Culture

    According to my GC timings, a max hit I once had was 180something ms.

    Based on this I'd suggest the hard limit being the max amount of CPU a user can use that tick + 180.

    The new max will become 680ms if your bucket is full

    If a player has 10 CPU, and drained his bucket he should get a max of 190 CPU.


    Another suggestion would be to scale bucket usage per GCL (10 CPU can max use 20 CPU etc) but that's a whole different discussion, and has the same issues with GC.

  • SUN

    I've seen this quite a few times in the last days as well , even though my code is "supposed" to also stop when Game.cpu.getUsed is getting too close to Game.cpuLimit.

    It's really hard to investigate those when you have a few a day (eg, it's not something easily reproducible) so, as bonzai mentioned it would be wonderfull to have a bit of a hint (dump or whatever).

  • SUN

    I've just got a new one which i don't know what to do with


    Script execution has been terminated: Unknown system error

  • Culture

    This happens when the server stops functioning for some reason. There is nothing you can do about that one.

  • int_max

    I'm getting this too.
    I frequently go 5 CPU above limit when my creeps repath.
    It's getting annoying

  • int_max

    The only loops I have are for in loops

  • This is happening to me rather frequently (several times a day), and after some looking into it, it only appears to happen on ticks where I call

    I've read elsewhere that this is a poorly-performing server-side function and as a result have set it up to only fire when 1) I don't have market data cached to a global, or 2) I am at max bucket and can afford the CPU hit to refresh the data.  However, it seems silly that calling this just once can hit the CPU limit, even if you cache it and don't call it for minutes at a time, and is making me reconsider using market at all. 😕

  • Culture

    @roncli, the market orders thing was actually fixed:


    I have received this notification about 7 times since 22'nd of Januari. It might be related to your code which might have an infinite loop in an edge case. 


    also artem

    Your script is temporary blocked due to a hard reset

    Your script is temporar>l<y blocked due to a hard reset

  • "temporarily" 😉

    If the CPU whole is greater than the sum of its CPU parts, then I could take it resource-by-resource... is that right, though?  I would figure grabbing the whole thing at once then grabbing it mineral by mineral would be faster.