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  • Nukes + Safemode + Attack controller

    Is it intentional that the 200 tick upgrade blocked after a nuke lands, when extended with attack controller, still allows safe mode? As far as I can tell even if keep the I keep the controller upgradeblocked on every tick safemode can still be activated on the 'reapplication' tick.

    An example of my trying to prevent safemode by attacking the controller to no avail can be found here!/history/shard1/E1N28?t=10033961

    It seems there was no tick that was not upgrade-blocked. Or should I just coordinate my nukes better? 😛

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  • RE: Respawn areas appearing suddenly

    Calling @o4kapuk sounds like one for you!

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  • RE: claiming an abandoned room

    Once you have claimed the room, you are able to destroy() any structure in the room whether or not it is owned by you. So there is no point in removing the structures before claiming unless they are blocking the controller.

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  • RE: Partial Boosts

    I have an attack type that I call blitz that would benefit from this feature.

    The idea is that I spawn a number (normally 3) large T3 dismantle creeps and do as much damage as possible to the enemy ramparts before they can get defenders out hopefully breaching them.

    Once the enemy spawns defenders these creeps are useless

    But this feels rather niche, and as o4kapuk said for most usecases its only slightly better than using recycle.

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  • Cool-down inconsistency

    I noticed today that the cooldown on the mineral extractor is not 5 ticks as advertised but is actually 6 ticks. The tick after I harvest the cooldown is 5, then it counts down to 0 before I am allowed to harvest again.

    Initially I thought this was a bug in my code, but looking at other peoples bots and chatting to other players this seems to be the way it is.

    There are some other cooldowns that are not as advertised as expected. structure decay happens 1 tick earlier than expected. E.g. roads decay every 999 ticks.

    Lab cooldowns seem to be as advertised, although some of the documentation needs updating.

    Is this a known issue? Its not exactly game breaking, but mineral harvesting being 20% slower than expected is non trivial.

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  • RE: Draft: Power Creeps API

    @helam Also, given that power creeps are essentially defenseless in non-power enabled rooms, it would be very useful to be able to avoid pathing through those rooms.

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  • RE: Power Creeps update

    A few thoughts @artch

    1. Being able to see enemy power creep "bodies" will be very important, but it would also be very valuable to see when a power has been used. For example, if you dodge an opponents "kill" power because you ducked under a rampart AFAIK there will be no indication that anything happened for the defending player. This is not a rewarding experience.

    There are a lot of powers that are very hard to track down. Consider adding a way to see opponent power cds/usage to make it more interactive.

    1. What do power creeps drop when they are destroyed? Other creeps drop a fraction of their body cost.

    2. In-game Events Power Surge: Consider having a period every month or two where power spawning is quadrupled. This will give players a chance to catch up and lead to increased player engagement during that time period. There are some other events related to invasions and portals but given that this is a power creep thread...

    3. Power creep spawning: What does it mean for a power creep to die? Does their body worth of resources get locked up for a respawn period? Can a given power spawn only spawn every x ticks with a long cd? Does actually spawning a power creep take a long time? I'd love more details on this.

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  • RE: Power Creeps update

    I did not need my full spawn capacity even when I had SK farming on. That said I could not actually use full spawn capacity due to inefficient filling code/layouts.

    Even with operate_extension thrown in It would be physically impossible for me to make continuous use of operate_spawn.

    This is a problem with my code that I should of overhauled six months ago but... I know I won't be the only one who has trouble using this power to its full potential.

    I say this to point to the relatively higher bar for entry compared to the other powers. Many of of these powers can be integrated to existing offensive/defensive/economic strategies with trivial effort (even if such a solution would not be optimal it would be usable)

    That said with the infrastructure to support it and a decent power commitment you could give military spawn-rates quite a kick, something that has been proven to cause my main spawn bottlenecks so... high investment high reward?

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  • RE: Power Creeps update

    Random spitball: What about rework operate spawn as a way to spawn bigger creeps?

    Duration 5 ticks: Spawn is able to spawn a creep body of +5/10/15/20/25 increased body size (doesn't stack). When spawn has the buff it is able to start spawning a larger creep but doesn't require it for the full spawn duration.

    Allows you to have spawn some huge creeps. Make it fairly expensive, but now you can save cpu by having some huge creeps to mine minerals, upgrade, build, siege, etc. You're still limited by total room energy.

    Also, this would now make renew more useful. Now you can generate mega creeps and keep them alive with renew.

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  • RE: Power Creeps update

    @artch I'm curious about the design choice that led to "ops"

    It seems weird to me that it would only exist for one creep tree, and that its a resource that's tradeable storable etc. It's like its a secondary balancing mechanic for some powers thats not an actual limitation.

    Was it a variant of the classic "mana" resource? How did you guys settle on it? I think that having mana with regen could have the same effect with a fluid implementation. It would allow commander creeps have things like "energy aura" that makes your power creeps regen faster or an overload that burns up all of a power creeps mana.

    So from an interesting game design: what are the gameplay patterns the ops aims to enhance? It gives some consumer vs producer market, but I'm curious to the rest.

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