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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-06-24: Store and market

    @wtfrank While there is some downside in not having as much of a cost to place outlier orders, having the market price average will drastically reduce the impact of having far-off orders. In fact, given there is an average price I think that people will find their bad orders never really get completed. I think it's better for overall market health in the less traded regions, even if it does have some downsides.

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-06-24: Store and market

    Excellent, and I agree with the returning leftover fee. Should help encourage a more diverse market. Thanks for the hard work!

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  • RE: Creeps got stuck - what can i do ?

    Link/picture? Hard to tell what you mean. In general, you can have creeps swap locations by having them move at each other.

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  • RE: Big Changes in the Market

    I think this is a frustration a lot of players have brung up previously, that factories have no real purpose. While personally I'd also like some form of game mechanic associated with them (eg, a use for the parts besides just making more things and selling them), it's a purposeful design decision to have them be crafting only.

    Imo, it's intended so that there is more endgame content that is not actually required. You can easily continue playing without working on factories for as long as you'd like. That's not exactly the case with power creeps or boosts or things like that. There is an opportunity cost to ignoring factories, they represent a significant economic potential. But you don't actually have to work on them if it doesn't appeal to you.

    In that way, I think it's a good choice. If you like crafting and logistics challenges, you can work on it. But it's not like you'll have a significant gameplay disadvantage (towers are half as effective or something similar) if you don't work on it. @o4kapuk can provide more details.

    Two things of note: Factories will effectively increase the size of the market, since you can sell things much further distances when compressed. Prices will likely be affected by that. And for the record I personally find the idea of creating gameplay things with factories like bombs or special buildings cool, but I respect and understand the design choice involved.

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  • RE: Make portals configurable to not only spawn different shards but servers - RAIDS

    Fantastically difficult to implement as a general solution since you'll need to be sharing DB objects between different servers with different users etc.

    Possible but a ton of work. Doesn't make that much sense considering you wouldn't have an account on that server, and no GCL/cpu to run it, and even your code wouldn't be there. Can work around all of it but I think shards fill the role a little better than this.

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-05-13: Factories

    @o4kapuk Thanks ^

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-05-13: Factories

    @artch said in PTR Changelog 2019-05-13: Factories:

    Dismantle do not work through own and public ramparts

    So this means that you can no longer dismantle under ramparts period? Rampart has to die first?

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    I think most people agree that the PWR_REGEN_MINERAL is not worth it due to the fact that the minerals you add only delay the regen more, and the inability to use the power during the mineral regen period. I'd like to suggest an alternative to make it more useful.


    CD: 200

    Buff duration: 500

    Effect: Reduces extractor cd by 20/40/60/80/100%

    While buff is active, extractor has a cd of 5 ticks -> 4/3/2/1/0. This lowers the downtime while mining, making it more efficient and allowing you to clear out mineral patches much faster. It also lowers the opportunity cost of having huge mining creeps standing around doing nothing. This could also theoretically be used on future resources that require an extractor to mine, possibly the new deposits.

    Potential option: After looking at some numbers, I think could consider adding a secondary multiplier on the harvested amount while boosted. A powered extractor could return an extra 5-25% minerals, or reduce the cd timer of the mineral when it's empty.

    Alternatively: a lower power option is a flat 40% cd reduction with a scaling uptime. Eg: cd is 200 ticks, duration is 100/200/300/400/500

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  • RE: Free sbscription tokens

    Lol market definitely took advantage ```2019-05-04 942 14,370 1 ± 0.000``

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  • RE: Draft: Store prototype API

    Personally, I'm going to be wrapping all my .store/.carry methods with .booty and .plunder ☠

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