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  • RE: Season #2 is open!

    @eiskalt No more than novice zone walls pathfinding

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  • RE: energyAvailable wrong - shard1

    It's the disabled extensions that are full of energy. I think it's reading them as available energy, but the structures are not allowed at that rcl.

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  • RE: Season #2

    @w4rl0ck Somewhat, but only really true if there isn't the scaling based on how much of a particular element you've processed. Otherwise you still want to drop off in as many rooms as possible, so it's better to be chummy with your neighbors.

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  • RE: Season #2

    I like the hebrew-esq alphabet. I also like that cooperation is strongly encouraged but not totally required, since you can also just bust through enemy rooms to drop off resources. Any thoughts on having caravans also contain the resources, or even a protoresource that can be redeemed at any decoder?

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  • RE: I want to be better

    @Detox I'd recommend trying out some form of autobuild, it'll make your respawn way less painful. Tbh if what you really want is some non-cpu limited dev time spawning into a private server to work on stuff is pretty effective.

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  • RE: Ideas for next seasons

    I suggest building on the current season, but with some PvE elements baked in.

    Same point system (spawning new resource with certain processing spots)

    However, add in:

    • Strongholds spawn more frequently, and start stronger but weaken over the duration.
    • Waves of boosted super invaders spawn from strongholds and assault nearby rooms periodically.
    • Strongholds contain a large portion of the point resource in addition to their rewards, which scale down the longer they have been alive
    • Portals spawn at a higher rate.

    This uses and encourages more people to code for an existing mechanic, strongholds. Players can now play around scheduled enemy attacks on their own enemies to apply pressure, and stronghold wave detection is similar to portal attack detection.

    In short, leveraging previous season's code along with encouraging useful code for existing game features so that players can build on the prior season's work while still investing in their long-term codebase in mmo.

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  • RE: Ideas for next seasons

    Age of Legends: Power processing costs are reduced by 10x, power bank spawning is increased. All rooms have power enabled. Highest GPL at end of season wins.

    Huge power creep fights, massively efficient empires, and a ton of neutral room combat.

    Edit: Read through posts, very similar to Age of Power by Donatzor above. Some general idea of showcasing cutting edge power.

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  • Tiny visual bug, minerals not rendering in correct position when scrolled out

    The mineral circle and the mineral letter are not centered when you zoom in and out of the room view.

    0_1607983788970_Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 2.08.50 PM.png

    Obviously this is totally gamebreaking and we should shut down the game servers until this issue is fixed

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  • RE: [Meta] Upvote / Downvote for feature ideas


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  • RE: Game.cpu.generatePixel change

    It seems to me that a next-tick effect is analogous to upgrading a controller or trigger a creep spawn. This tick I perform an action, next tick I see effect and resources are gone. The one informational api would just be a counter.

    But if you feel it's unworkable, in that case 10K is preferable to the shadow canceling of all intents. Although if the goal is balancing number of pixels I'd argue for slightly under 10k (9.5k?) to reduce edge cases. I still think the original way will likely result in players ignoring it or handling pixel gen in another shard.

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