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  • RE: Make portals configurable to not only spawn different shards but servers - RAIDS

    Fantastically difficult to implement as a general solution since you'll need to be sharing DB objects between different servers with different users etc.

    Possible but a ton of work. Doesn't make that much sense considering you wouldn't have an account on that server, and no GCL/cpu to run it, and even your code wouldn't be there. Can work around all of it but I think shards fill the role a little better than this.

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-05-13: Factories

    @o4kapuk Thanks ^

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2019-05-13: Factories

    @artch said in PTR Changelog 2019-05-13: Factories:

    Dismantle do not work through own and public ramparts

    So this means that you can no longer dismantle under ramparts period? Rampart has to die first?

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    I think most people agree that the PWR_REGEN_MINERAL is not worth it due to the fact that the minerals you add only delay the regen more, and the inability to use the power during the mineral regen period. I'd like to suggest an alternative to make it more useful.


    CD: 200

    Buff duration: 500

    Effect: Reduces extractor cd by 20/40/60/80/100%

    While buff is active, extractor has a cd of 5 ticks -> 4/3/2/1/0. This lowers the downtime while mining, making it more efficient and allowing you to clear out mineral patches much faster. It also lowers the opportunity cost of having huge mining creeps standing around doing nothing. This could also theoretically be used on future resources that require an extractor to mine, possibly the new deposits.

    Potential option: After looking at some numbers, I think could consider adding a secondary multiplier on the harvested amount while boosted. A powered extractor could return an extra 5-25% minerals, or reduce the cd timer of the mineral when it's empty.

    Alternatively: a lower power option is a flat 40% cd reduction with a scaling uptime. Eg: cd is 200 ticks, duration is 100/200/300/400/500

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  • RE: Free sbscription tokens

    Lol market definitely took advantage ```2019-05-04 942 14,370 1 ± 0.000``

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  • RE: Draft: Store prototype API

    Personally, I'm going to be wrapping all my .store/.carry methods with .booty and .plunder ☠

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  • RE: Draft: Store prototype API


    • - has verb implication, valid word choice
    • Tower.cargo - has incorrect implication, not getting transported
    • Tower.contents - most accurate, extra characters

    Would you describe something stored in your pantry as "cargo"? Between the contents of the pantry and the cargo of the pantry I know which makes sense. Store is a little clunky, but I would not bother changing to an incorrect definition.

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  • RE: Draft: Store prototype API

    As a native english speaker, I've never had an issue with store. I agree with @artch, "cargo" definitely has in transit connotation, eg. something being delivered. To me terminal.cargo doesn't make sense @MrFaul.

    A word like contents might make slightly more sense due to being specific to the object itself (eg. the storage.contents, the contents of the tower), but tbh to me the extra characters probably wouldn't be worth it.

    Store can be used as in "grain stores for the winter" and in my mind "store" was being used to represent a stockpile. My only qualm would be that has an active verb definition of "to store" which is what comes to mind first, but it's a nitpick at best. The exact word choice isn't an issue, as what it's meant to be is clear, so I'd stick with store. My 2¢ on it.

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  • RE: Draft: factories and commodities (new crafting/trading mechanic)

    I think having the credits returned on order expiration might make sense. You're basically placing a down payment, but if no one takes the offer you get it back. You can't use those credits till then.

    Otherwise it'll be even more punishing to make orders for lesser traded resources.

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  • RE: Power enabled should be a scale(1-5) instead of Binary(off/on).

    I think they want to encourage fewer, bigger power creeps though. This would encourage players to make lots of small creeps instead of upgrading their big one. Unless you can intentionally use a PC power at a level lower than it's current level, I don't know if this makes sense. (Which would also change the operate factory)

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