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  • Shard 3 accessible from other shards.

    Which shard is affected?
    All shards

    What happened?

    A creep was placed on an active portal to shard 3 after moving through a shard1->2 portal.

    What should have happened?
    Creep should be placed in open space.

    How can we reproduce this?

    Have a large number creeps navigate to another shard. This other shard needs to have two close portals.

    It is possible to see me attempting this at!/history/shard2/E10N30?t=10111162

    You can see my creeps making it to shard 3 here:!/history/shard3/E10N40?t=20560

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  • RE: Non-subscription shard launched

    I misunderstood, I thought it was a shard3 only special to get 20 cpu 🙂

    Awesome, really glad to have the additional cpu to stay engaged even when not subscribed!

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  • RE: Non-subscription shard launched

    Awesome! Quick question: how does this limit count against your total CPU for non-subscribers? Can you have a 20cpu room on shard 3 and expand to a 10cpu room on another shard?

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  • RE: Inter room move sequence description

    Seems to be the portal model. Creep never goes to position 9.

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  • Inter room move sequence description

    Hi there,

    I didn't find any good description of exactly how inter room movements occurs. This would be a great addition to the documentation, as it is the source of a lot of WTF 🙂

    In general I think we need to know if the "portal" at the room edges and those in the wild acts as "Portal" or "Teleporter".

    Here is how I would describe the differences:

    Goal: crossing from room A to room B
    assuming rooms of size 10 and height 1.
    room A [0123456789][0123456789] room B

    Inter room coordinates: 89][01
    89 are right coordinates of room A
    01 are left coordinates of room B
    9 and 0 are inter room "portals"

    C is a creep
    x is a portal
    . is an empty cell

    T.0 means tick 0
    C->9 means Creep intend to move to pos 9

    Portal scenario

    Move between rooms is immediate.
    If you attempt to move on a portal and your intent is satisfied, you appear on the other side on the next tick

    T.0     T.1     T.2
    Cxx.    .xC.    .xxC 
    C->9    C->1    at 1
    T.0 (C)reep intend to move to pos 9
    T.1 (C)reep moved to pos 9 but appears immediately on pos 0 (and was never on pos 9). It intend to move to pos 1.
    T.2 (C)reep moved to pos 1

    Teleporter scenario

    Move between rooms takes a tick If you are on a portal at the end of tick then you will appear on the other side on the next tick

    T.0     T.1     T.2    T.3
    Cxx.    .Cx.    .xC.   .xxC  
    C->9    idle    C->1    at 1
    T.0 (C)reep intend to move to pos 9
    T.1 (C)reep moved to pos 9 and wait to be teleported to pos 0
    T.2 (C)reep was teleported to pos 0 and intend to move to pos 1
    T.3 (C)reep moved to pos 1

    So which is it ?

    And is the inter room behavior the same than for portals ? Have a great day.

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  • RE: Changelog 2018-09-22

    @shibdib The cool-down doesn't effect boosting. I take advantage of that in my own unboosting.

    Ultimately it's 'free' minerals if you can code around the limitations. In particular most lab setups have two labs that never act as a target for reactions that can be used as well.

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  • RE: Make the limits of the maps connected to the opposite rooms (Like Earth)

    Does such a dis/advantage need smoothing out?

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  • RE: bug ? : room.energyAvailable counts inactive extensions

    Looks like this has never been fixed, I was checking my rooms after a long inactivity period and I can still see it happen.

    Here is i posted on slack last night, with my findings

    I have a room (W61S45) with disabled structures (extensions). That room reports energyAvailable < energyCapacitAvailable (1750<1800). BUT Game.rooms.W61S45.find(FIND_STRUCTURES, {filter: { structureType: STRUCTURE_EXTENSION }}).filter(s=> < s.energyCapacity && s.isActive()) reports no extension.

    looks like the extensions counted for energyAvailable are not the active ones, anyone faced this already ? (notable to say that the displayed status of the extensions is off too, extension at 39,14 is shown active , but isActive returns false, meanwhile the one at 43,14 is the opposite [active but showed inactive])

    This should be fixed so that inactive status of structures is consistent across the various APIs ... Due to the highly inefficient way isActive() is implemented, you can't expect players to have to call it every time (especially as the implementation lets me think the order may not be consistent over time either).

    As my code will only spawn creeps when energyAvailable == energyCapacityAvailable the only way out I found is to refill all extensions, including inactive ones which is a shame

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  • RE: PTR Changelog 2018-09-12: unboost

    Nice @artch. Lowering the cost for boosting, increasing flexibility, and adding room for future optimizations. My one complaint is that a boost shouldn't break the renewCreep, it would mean you can't renew anything boosted in a lower level room. Might be nice to be able to force a renew.

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  • RE: One year anniversary of #botarena - Special round with credit prizes

    @Atavus Great idea, thanks for driving this! I highly recommend people tune in to watch, I run the server as fast as possible so in the beginning it'll run at multiple ticks a second. Very fun to watch the bots autoexpand at great speed.

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