@artch Precisely this attitude

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    Gaslighting people like this is exactly the disingenuous behaviour that is causing such an outcry.
    I'm not going around indiscriminately spamming negative emoji on your posts, I posted positive and negative emoji in response to your posts and posted emoji in response to other users posts. You got a thumbs up when you did good, and a middle finger when you called one of your customers a pedant. Most of your posts got an eye-roll, or a facepalm, or a thumbs-down.
    The two posts that got the middle finger were two where you were being abusive to your customers!
    @artch you need to apologize to @Rhef @cribbit and @CrAzYDubC at the very least. You are representing your company here on the forums and shouldn't treat anyone that way.
    You especially shouldn't treat anyone that way and then single one person out of the several who left you middle finger emojis and try to paint them personally as attacking you.

    Lastly, if you don't want people using emoji responses, don't have them. If you have them and don't want middle finger emojis, don't give your customers the middle finger.


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    @tdxtor said in @artch Precisely this attitude:

    You especially shouldn't treat anyone that way and then single one person out of the several who left you middle finger emojis and try to paint them personally as attacking you.

    Please report any other user who used a middle finger emoji or any other obscene symbols, they will also be warned.

    don't give your customers the middle finger.

    It's in Unicode unfortunately.

  • @artch For the record, my internet sucks where I am currently working out of (very austere area) and it causes a spam when I click once (even accidentally).. and I don't see how to remove them after they are posted. So if you got upset at mine, it wasn't intentional on my part and I apologize.

    With the child like behavior aside, I would look into the context that was said while also addressing the behaviors. The people on this forum are not the only ones who were irked by that last minute change. The change was fine. Finalizing the decision and rolling it out with a short notice only seemingly punished on the forum is an issue. You guys do great work and this is only one little hiccup, but I still wouldn't shrug it off. It's our game... but it's also your business.

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    @artch used the middle finger emoji, when he called @cribbit a pedant, and when he gaslit everyone in the thread they were incorrect about the communication being a real issue.

    Want to try actually addressing what I said? You need to apologize for your unprofessional behavior.

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    @crazydubc You didn't do anything wrong. You were better behaved than the people being paid to be there lol. Be safe.

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    @CrAzYDubC The only person who used an obscene emoji in that thread was @tdxtor. I didn't see anything from you.

    @tdxtor I don't really understand what you are trying to prove here, but my point still stands - if you want to discuss, then discuss, but without middle fingers. Trying to turn this around on others doesn't help at all. Everyone who uses offensive language and symbols will be warned and banned, regardless the reasons why they did that.

    I'm closing this thread. Please don't create new ones for the same purpose.

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    Thread reopened.

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    @artch Thanks, sorry again to hear about your loss.
    Just take a look at all the abuse you give players, the toxicity is astounding. How can anyone expect to play this game when someone who is supposed to act professional treats customers this way? Why isn't the community manager stepping in and putting a stop to the abuse? I'm sure there are cooler heads among the community who would moderate the forums without attacking people personally.


    Even a quick search of the forums reveals literal hundreds of results of @artch getting heated at customers, usually explicitly ego related:

    "So now you're comparing competency of project developers who worked on it for 5 years, and a person who started playing it a month ago."
    "Really, did I say that somewhere?"
    "Oh come on, you can't be serious."
    "I didn't want to start this argument here, but you're so wrong."

    And here's a little nugget of advice past you has left for present day you @artch
    "You might probably have noticed already that 95% of fights and friction on this forum have happened with your participation. Don't you think it may indicate that something is wrong with your way of expressing your ideas rather than our way of listening to them? ... And if someone disagrees with you, he is simply mistaken and incompetent?"


  • I have to admit I have felt intimidated by this forum's moderation and felt like moderators sometimes take comments about the game a bit too much like personal attacks instead of healthy discussion about what is best for the game.

    That being said, the main reason why I have not said anything is because I love this game so much and I'm VERY grateful for the game development team and @artch for having created it. I can appreciate the ungodly amount of work that must have been put on it and can see why someone would get annoyed when confronted. So as much as I can see things in the game and on the moderation that could be improved but I really don't want the development team to get burned out with petty details.

    So yeah, my take on it is thanks Screeps Development team.


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    @zortea I would wager there are plenty of members of the community who would be willing to moderate the forums for free. That could help if the problem is devs just being spread too thin, plus many members of the community seem like really nice people and would likely handle problems with a level head.

  • @tdxtor I think you should be grateful that the development team engages with us at all. If you want an unmoderated discussion you can always go to the Reddit Screeps community. This is the official Screeps forum, it has their name on it, they are liable for anything that happens here. Any game developer will take moderation very seriously in their official forum.


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    @zortea Fun fact, @artch is a moderator over there too, and community moderated is not the same as unmoderated. The screeps subreddit is where I was first introduced to the screeps community (outside of in-game messages with neighbors). The subreddit may have spoiled me since everyone over there is so nice all the time and I guess @artch is less active (until he reads this lol) with only about one post a month.

    It's hard to feel grateful for interaction from the devs when all we seem to get is abusive language and churlishness. If we want the community to grow, we need the forums here to feel more like the subreddit: a place where people are welcome to talk without being abused just because the devs are overworked. Community moderation I think would be a good thing, and what we have now I feel like is worse than nothing.


  • Ok, so listen, you seem to be fighting for an apology, not for yourself, but for some other people. The thing is, most if not all of those people said they don't want an apology and your crusade is really annoying to most of us to the point where it does more harm than good. It doesn't look like it's going to turn around any time soon, too.

    Please stop.


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    @rhef Ya at this point after searching the forums and seeing that so many people have complained about @artch already, I'm just going to leave this here for the next person who tries to take @artch to task for abusive behavior. It seems like plenty of people complain about it already, so it's not like the community doesn't know about the problem. @artch already said it best in that other thread I linked and hopefully, someday this game will get a level-headed moderator.

    I am confused why if screeps has a community manager and @artch isn't that person why @artch hasn't been dealt with by the community manager yet. At this point, this thread has evolved into just a discussion about what can be done to improve the player experience in screeps by taking advantage of the dedicated community it has built.

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    @zortea said in @artch Precisely this attitude:

    moderators sometimes take comments about the game a bit too much like personal attacks instead of healthy discussion about what is best for the game

    It's funny to read this in a thread full of personal attacks by someone who got offended by a warning for using obscene symbols. 😉

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    Shhh... the adults are having a conversation.


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    @tdxtor OK, I warned you about offensive language, and you've crossed the line now. Congrats, you're now officially the first user I've banned on this forum in 2020 (such a toxic moderator!)

    10 days.

    UPD: I've checked this message edits history () and decided we don't want such people on our forum at all. Permaban.


  • @artch Ban his account from screeps all together. We don't want him there either!

  • And hear me out. A screeps ban should come in the form of a nuke with a timer of 100 ticks suddenly appears on every spawn they own every 100 ticks.


  • @crazydubc post ^ on feature suggestions. Or we can always do a community-driven initiative, purge-the-outskirts style.