Season #1 announcement

  • AYCE

    I really like the idea of disabling terminals in seasonal, but I agree that it's a good idea to introduce such features over time. Disabling market might be enough for the first season.

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  • Will these methods still be available in the season world?


    The last one is especially useful to estimate costs of Terminal.send

  • Removing (and all its method/properties), as was proposed on slack, is more game breaking than not being able to build the terminal in my opinion.

    In my opinion, disabling markets should be done in a non breaking way, for example return some error code on creating orders. If the entire object is removed, silly things like access to would error out.


  • Dev Team

    We decided to leave game API as it is because removing the source of credits looks enough for disabling the entire market.


  • @o4kapuk said in Season #1 announcement:

    We decided to leave game API as it is because removing the source of credits looks enough for disabling the entire market.

    Presumably with send auto-blacklisting other players?

  • Dev Team

    @tigga send just won't work for terminals of other users. The behavior will be the same as for other edge cases, like sending resources to rooms without a terminal.

  • From what I can tell, it seems like the way the market will be disabled is just that NPC orders won't be generated. In order to create an order, you need to have some credits, and the only way to get credits is through an order that's already on the market. Without an NPC order to start the cycle, the market won't be active. Is that how it's going to be done?

  • Dev Team

    @jbyoshi Yes, exactly. In addition to this, transactions between terminals of different users will not be processed.

  • Did someone figure out how to push code using grunt?

    It seems like the steam client is not creating a separate code folder for the seasonal server like it does for private servers.

  • So… you need to:

    • upate grunt-screeps to version ^1.5
    • generate a token if you don’t have one: go to ‘manage account’ ingame
    • add the token in your grunt options
    • add the server type ‘season’ to your options

    options: { email: email, token: 'AUTH_TOKEN', server: 'season'

  • It said in-game, that a verification link was sent to my email. However, I have not seen one after almost an hour. I looked in my steam profile settings and verified that I am using the correct email. Is there any way that I can get a verification link?

  • Dev Team

    @syntax0101 What verification link? Season server does not use any verification links. It's a part of the main official server with the same authentication.

  • Dev Team

    Season entry fee has been dropped to 4 Access Keys. We are going to lower the fee over time according to the following schedule:

    • December 15 - 3 Access Keys
    • January 1 - 2 Access Keys
    • January 15 - 1 Access Keys