Increase Lab Productivity - Increase results and decrease number of intents.

  • Can we just 2x/3x/4x all the numbers on labs reactions.

    2x/3x/4x the reaction and cooldown, and operate labs bonuses.

    As empire get bigger and boosts get more used, it's expensive cpu wise to react. By multiplying the numbers the intent cost would stay the same, but the results would increase.

    I would think this would increase the cpu gained by players and let them use it for other fun.

    Edit: Maybe add another var to pass to the method that is a multiplier that uses energy to increase all numbers.

    runReaction(lab,lab2,multiplier) and that multiplier can be up to 4x and uses energy from the labs.

  • +1. Can't really see any drawback.

    While we're on the topic of labs, they really should optimize the darn engine so that it short-circuits in checkStructureAgainstController for RCL 8 rooms. Lab intents can cost 0.4 CPU rather than the standard 0.2 because of this.


  • I'd prefer an extra parameter on the runReaction, StructureLab.runReaction(lab1, lab2, amount=5).

    That way smaller amounts can be used while players are debugging / writing their lab code, and larger amounts can be used once they've got a handle on it and are ready to spend intents elsewhere.

    Large cooldowns might allow players to come up with creative shuffling that'd be harder to pull off with short cooldowns. This might be a disadvantage (put all your labs in cooldown once a day then use them exclusively for boosting after that). It might also be an advantage in that it gives the players another area to optimized and experiment with different approaches (no single best solution).


  • Isn't this exactly what the power operate_lab does?

    OPERATE_LAB Increase reaction amount by 2/4/6/8/10 units. Effect duration 1000 ticks. Cooldown 50 ticks. Range 3 squares. Consumes 10 ops resource units. Required creep level: 0/2/7/14/22.

    That increases lab output, and presumably input, but does not increase number of intents, other than activating the power every 1k ticks.

  • @kyralee It does, but we would like to have it across the board increase, instead of just using operate_lab.

    If we double the cooldown/results it halves the intents to produce the same amount.

    If we take out operate lab, these are the basic idea:

    Currently to create 10 UL it would take 2 intents. If we double the numbers that same 10 UL would take 1 intent to create.

    If we add lv 5 operate lab Currently to create 30 UL it would take 2 intents. If we double the numbers that same 30 UL would take 1 intent to create.

  • +1