Dev update 2020-01-19: Decorations

  • Dev Team

    Here is a short video update regarding our development progress of the Decorations feature:


  • Are there any plans for decorations for our circular denizens too (creeps)? I'd love some graphical customization for them too!

  • Dev Team

    @orlet Yes, for sure!


  • Yay! Can't wait!

  • I wonder if this part of the skin can contain unicode? XD

  • I don’t want to offend the developers, it’s certainly great that they introduce something new into the game, but I don’t understand why this is, and I’m not sure that I will use it. I really like the graphical update in the game that was a year ago. It looks very cool. But this thing I think the game is not particularly needed. Among all the graphics updates for the game, I personally wait for the game to have a thoughtful setting. I understand that the screeps community refers to a game, not like a game, but as a programming task, but first of all, I treat scripts as a game. And I think that like in a game, "screeps" has a weakly expressed element of the game like setting. The world of the game is filled with players who make many interesting actions and interactions each day, but if we consider the game as a sandbox, it has a very meager visual style. We have virtually no visual diversity in the world. All locations are monotonous . This kills the player’s immersion in the game world. I think it is necessary first of all to diversify game locations. Create climatic zones, interesting places and locations. This would add an element of immersion and exploration for each player. Also, if we conduct a parallel of fragments of screeps, with a really inhabited planet, then civilizations living on the planet often fight over territory due to the advantages that possession of this territory gives. Also, many civilizations had to learn to adapt to life in certain climatic conditions, and use their shortcomings as an advantage. If you look at the script as a sandbox game, then these elements of the game are also not enough, because in sandbox games, player interaction is built on interaction with the game world too, and not just with players. And this applies not only to the extraction of resources, but also to the difficulty of survival and adaptation to the very global world. The only element of the complexity of interacting with the game world and not with the players that we have is invaders, but they are passive and cause problems only for beginners.

    Many may argue with me, and they will most likely be right, but if the developers are interested in my opinion about visual updates, then this is what I expect from the game in the future.

  • Looking great so far. Keep up the good work!

  • @DoctorCat92 I'm quite happy with the prospect of frivolous additions. Ideally each player will find their own style and enrich the diversity of the Overworld. I assume the decorations will have sufficient variety and be visible to other players in world view.

    For me personally I plan to use pixels to as a credit sink. I don't really want to become dependent on a credit stream to support my empire and it smells slightly of pay to win(1). Pixels gives me something else to do with my credit stockpile. I also hope pixels provide a meaningful way to long time players with lifetime subs financially support the game servers.

    The commodity update was the first minor step toward world diversification. I think the devs are taking it slow. The #1 thing they can do to frustrate players is break their code. The #2 thing is not provide new content. I think it would be fun to play in a shard that geographically radically departs from the standard grid, but that would break soo many assumptions in people's code.

    1. I think screeps is uniquely positioned to not be pay to win. There is no amount of credits that make you win a conflict. If you don't have the code it aint gonna matter. If you have the code and too few rooms it aint gonna matter. If you have the code and the size you don't really need buy to resources. I think @Atavus is the closest to finding a true pay to win scenario on Shard3. Though in his case he's just burning through his credit stockpile, so it's more of a save-to-win.

  • Dev Team

    One more screenshot: a room decorated in blue. 0_1581054750718_blue_room.png

  • Dev Team

    Creep decorations will have hundreds of combinations of different forms, colors and animations. Here are just 6 of the most basic forms.



  • I take back every bad thing I thought about this decorations update. The screeps look awesome and I love them! Hope to see lots and lots of strange looking screeps running around the map when this update is launched.