This guy wrecked my wall with only work and move parts. also my tower never shot him. was he cheating?

  • Guy came in on the replay shows he only has work and move parts, but somehow kills my wall and base. I'd be willing to show support my code for my towers. but I know my towers work fine even with enemies with no attack parts. however they never shot at him. was this cheating? a bug? please help! 0_1556782406753_wtf.png

    included image shows the tick before and after he destroys my wall. and shows his body parts

  • YP

    I assume the tower not shooting on his creeps is a bug in your code... you should always have as many towers as possible for the level of your room.

    you don't need attack parts to destroy structures, because you can dismantle them with work parts. you only need attack parts to attack other creeps.

    And a wall of 1000 is really nothing .)

  • Without knowing what your tower code looks like it would be hard to say why they did not shoot at him. As W4rl0ck already stated creeps with work parts can dismantle structures, which is actually more effective than an attack part.

    Dismantle: Dismantles a structure for 50 hits per tick returning 0.25 energy unit per tick.

    Attack: Attacks another creep/structure with 30 hits per tick in a short-ranged attack.

    Their also correct about the strength of your walls, that creep that attacked you had 25 work parts, so 25*50 = 1250 damage per tick to your wall.

    You could also go to Slack and ask in the help channel about your code for assistance if you don't wish to post it here.

  • Dev Team

    Creeps can use WORK parts to dismantle structures, 25-part dismantler can wreck 1250 hits per tick.

    Your code stopped (most probably because of some error) shortly before the attack (tick 6434024), that's the reason why your tower wasn't shooting. Good luck on finding the error which broke your code!

  • ☝ That answer felt rather heartless 🤣
    Nevertheless it is the truth...

  • The code stopped during the attack in your room north of that one, right when a creep died and the spawn had already been killed. It probably tried to respawn, and that tried to use a null pointer. By the time the wreckin' crew got to the room shown, your code had already halted.

    TRY/CATCH is your friend. During combat is usually when crashes like this happen.