Power Creeps - Others can enable power in my reserved rooms

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    This doesn't seem like something that should be allowed.

  • It is intentional, they can also enable power in your main claimed rooms as well. If you don't want them to you need to stop them getting to the controller.

  • I wonder if there will be a new meta where people claim their remotes, build a few mil of ramparts around the controller, then declaim, in order to keep power disabled in those rooms.


  • Dev Team

    This is intended behavior indeed.

  • @wtfrank 🤣 it is possible now, after they read this.

  • I'll be honest after seeing Gounads doing similar to make anti Tigga scratching posts in his remotes I was wondering about this sort of idea anyway. It doesn't stop anyone, but gives a little extra prep time to spawn something.

  • Realistically, what is the big deal? Sure... It's easy to see it as YOUR ROOM, and some punk permanently altering YOUR ROOM is ... Grr! But what do they gain? The ability to monkey with the source? Hell, a T3 ranged guy can do that 10 times over by slaughtering all the creeps... and you're not even risking a PC's 8 hour cooldown by having it leave the reservation.

    Easy work around. If you want rooms to be old style when you claim them, program your claimer to cycle it while claiming. Easy peasy.

  • So how would you disable power in that room again? Let the reservation slip? I think unclaiming is the only means to disable power again currently (power creeps do not have a disableRoom function)?

    In due time this will mean for that for new claims for most rooms you may end up needing to claim, unclaim (to rid of power enabled) and then claim again.

  • In my opinion powers should be activated in all rooms by default anyways. At the very least, it should be harder to completely nullify someone else's power investment than for them to get use out of it.

  • @crusher48 Not sure how players with 150+ GPL neighbors would feel about that? 🙂

  • @tun9an0 So should the player who put time into farming power not get any benefit because their opponent doesn't also use power creeps? What's the point of creating a disruption-based power creep if it only works against opponents that use support-based power creeps (and even then, only in the rooms where said support-based power creeps are deployed)?

  • @crusher48 Yes those reaping the benefits risk suffering the downsides also. Those who don't participate don't have any added risk. For me there doesn't need to be any point to power creeps, I was doing just fine without them 🙂

  • I think that maybe 6 months after power has been released, it should become available in all rooms. This gives lots of time for people to respond to the epoch change.

  • I agree that power enabled in most/all rooms should be a long term goal for the game. I'm hoping factories somehow help to bring this about.

  • I feel like the solution is to make nuclear strikes trigger power activation in the room affected. Yes, it lets an attacker force power to be enabled in a room, but the cost is excessively high (not to mention that a player that can't defend against power creeps likely can't defend against a nuke either).

  • Nukes aren't really that expensive...

  • With disrupt spawn and disrupt terminal people basically become sitting ducks if you force power enabled on them. They will loose their rooms. Power creeps should be attractive enough so in due time mostly everyone has it enabled, in their OWN time when they are ready for it.


  • I'm only GPL7/GCL14. I started playing this game in Jun 2018 and haven't had years to farm power like some people around me. Enabling power is just simply equal to hanging a "come and killme/take my stuff" note because I have absolutely no other way to deal with multiple 25+lvl power creeps roaming my neighbourhoods. So no. I am not going to be enabling power anywhere in my rooms any time soon.

    And I have been arguing ever since introduction of power creeps that some of their powers are too OP and have no active counter to them outside of "oh, but you can just kill the creep". Yeah, you can kill Tigga too, but how well has that worked for ya'll so far?

    I would rather focus my time on something more productive in the game right now, as I haven't had years to develop my codebase either, so it's always a game of catching up for me.

  • The matter of perma power enabled and not being able to disable it is something that bothered me for a long time now.
    I really hadn't any viable suggestion so far, of how this could be addressed in a fair and transparent matter.

    But reading this conversation gave me a idea:

    Power can be active by two ways:

    • PowerSpawns enable power in rooms passively
    • A room without a PowerSpawn is activated by a power skill for a set amount of ticks

    This means anyone processing power is forced to deal with the consequences but also allows to chose to activate power or someone rather failed to protect his controller.
    This somewhat protects players against high GPLs without making it impossible to use power as a fair offensive mechanic.

    I think this is a fair compromise imo the current mechanic is lacking.

  • @orlet I mean that same argument applies to older players with massive stocks of t3 boosts....

  • @wtfrank said in Power Creeps - Others can enable power in my reserved rooms:

    @orlet I mean that same argument applies to older players with massive stocks of t3 boosts....

    If anything this only serves to prove my point. It only further exacerbates the great canyon of a gap that is between old and new players.