`<` followed by alphabetical caracters don't show up in the console.

  • TMB

    I was testing out some basic equalities in the console and found out that, everytime a line must display < followed by an alphabetical caracters, the displayed line is truncated from there.

    For example this is what I get when I ask the console (5<false) or "abc<def" :

    > (5
    < false
    > "abc
    < abc

    < followed by numbers, white spaces or other special characters will work properly. Accentuated caracters count as special caracters.

    > (5<6)
    < true
    > "abc< def"
    < abc< def
    > "abc<é"
    < abc<é

    The inputs commands don't seem to be misinterpreted, it's only a visual glitch.

  • Dev Team

    @estecka This is intended so a player can use HTML tags in his console messages.

  • TMB

    Didn't know it was possible to use HTML in the console, that seems neat. (Is there a list of what we can and can't use ?)
    However I believe it would still be possible to detect at least uncomplete tag and limit this phenomenon. (A < without a > is nothing of a tag.)

  • YP

    the client is just a browser, and your message is simply attached without being processed by the server. you can do everything if you want .. including executing javascript by using script tags.