Screeps Discord?

  • I have no desire to switch to Discord. I run Slack at work and home and appreciate the fact that I can be signed into multiple accounts with it. The entire community is already entrenched in Slack. Why is this even a discussion? If we're having moderation users, promote some moderators. Slack is a privileges.

  • Slack. Easily the best option, the only downside is the history being lost. Otherwise its a clear winner vs discord.

  • Is Slack's history horizon a function of the new message rate? Is there a way to see how much or our history each channel is consuming? The short history is a problem, but it feels like it's been worse lately.

    I case you missed it. I'm in favor of keeping Slack. To me if feels like slack or some other programmer productivity chat app is the obvious choice. Screeps just doesn't fit well with near real time engagement on a gaming session that lasts a few hours. A much, much faster paced combat arena might benefit from a discord server, and a twitch stream. But even if a streamable game mode existed now Slack would still be the place where 3rd party tools and MMO strategies are discussed. I just don't see the realtime gaming chat client giving a worldwide community of developers what they need.

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    First, I'm not really a fan of the way the OP in this thread was worded. It seems clear you knew we have a Slack already, and went on to imply that it was just ridiculous that we don't use Discord. Well, we have a lot of reasons for using Slack, some good, some neutral, but mainly we already use Slack so you should have to give justification why we switch.

    All new features start at -100 points. The entire community is on Slack right now - you want us all to move so you don't have to download a new app? The points in "favor" of Discord, apart from history (and history isn't exactly awesome on Discord) seem to be more like feature-parity. "Well, you can do $thing_you_like on Discord, too, except worse, with a bot, or a shitty interface (or both)." What are the advantages to moving? Because I don't see any. History is like +20 points, so you're still at -80.

    I don't see why this is even a discussion. Slack has worked fine for years. We've had our share of malicious users - about one every couple months, from what I hear - and we just ban them. It hasn't been an issue. The user privileges on Discord are worse - you have to be a member of every public channel on the server, you can't create new public channels as a user, and if you want a channel that people aren't autojoined to (thinking of something like #exception-thrown on Slack) you have to write a bot to add/remove roles from people.

    Finally, and in conclusion, Screeps is a land of contrasts.

    No, but seriously, I do have one final point. There are many programming communities that use Slack - I'm a member of a couple of them. There are no programming communities that use Discord. Screeps is a game about programming. The sort of person that would play Screeps, but doesn't know how to use Slack and is unwilling to, seems like the kind of person that won't like Screeps for very long anyway. Or, if they do get into it, they'll learn to write code ... and then they'll probably join a slack community ... and now they have Slack open anyway.

    Don't uproot an entire community (or stir everything up) because one guy is whining about having to open a second app. What the actual hell.


  • I also feel that discord is a bad idea for the screeps community. Slack has been going strong for over 2 years now. I am aware of at least 3 previous individuals that had complained and suggested discord as an alternative. Three previous times, it had been deemed a poor replacement. The lack of snippets alone is enough to get my non-concurrence. I agree with @Knightshade that we need an actual poll on what is important to the community. Snippets, integrations, channel creation, etc. I also disagree with the idea of everyone seeing what I'm playing. It feels like an invasion of privacy to me. I know I would be much less active in the community, and would probably step down as a moderator if it were migrated. I can have slack open at work. Discord would be a no-go.

    My disagreement of migrating away from Slack aside, if a poll comes back and the majority of the community felt that a migration was needed, I would recommend considering something @daboross had mentioned in the most recent previous discussion about migrating off of slack: the Matrix protocol and If they were to host a Matrix server hosting the global channels, they could hand admins the permissions to add additional servers to the federation. @ags131 could, for example, host a server in the federation that maintained S+ related channels and handled their history. All of the channels would be available regardless of what server they connect to. Any features that were lacking could be resolved by the community, as the server is open source, and the devs could host a fork of the code on the screeps github that we could PR features into. Similarly, they provide APIs in multiple languages to connect to the server, so one could dev their own client if they do not like one of the existing ones, or fork an existing open source client to take advantage of any features PR'ed into the devs' fork. It would be very appropriate that the community had programmatic input on the server we chat on.

    TL;DR: I am against moving away from slack; we need a poll to decide, not listen to the vocal minority; check out matrix protocol where we could dev the features we want for chat


  • Another vote for slack, mainly because of NSFW nature of discord.

  • @gankdalf said in Screeps Discord?:

    Official Server

    • general chat
    • official announcements
    • webhooks to main project
    • FAQ static channel
    • Guild/Alliance list static channel
    • trading

    Guild/Alliance Server

    • private channels
    • public channel for recruiting
    • lots of custom channels

    3rd Party Project Server

    • support channels
    • suggestions
    • project github webhooks

    If we had a structure like this, discord would make sense. However, Screeps by nature is not very alliance based, and "3rd party projects" account for over 80% of the traffic if that includes shared code relating to the game.

    This is a game about programming, and slack's channel structure accommodates that. If we wanted to emphasize the "social network" aspect of the game, or alliances, maybe discord would work for that. But, at the moment, that's not what the community is about.

    If we're talking about alternatives, and if at some point we decide slack's history is a killer (which it semi-is right now), I'd agree with SemperRabbit about Matrix has the advantages of IRC that @vrs and others have mentioned of being a free protocol, and with hosting we'd also have scrollback and other features slack provides over IRC.

  • Something I wanted to point out. It was never actually my intention to cause a "switch" I was just surprised there wasn't a discord server already. The "switch" part happened when people started discussing that the community is too small to maintain both platforms. Being a bit of a newb at the social part of screeps at the moment, I wasn't previously aware that the community was small... although I probably should have guessed it, considering it is a programming game.

  • Dev Team

    Friends, thank you all for your brilliant feeback on this topic. I think we'll conclude it this way:

    We'll stick to Slack for the moment, but when Screeps Arena comes out, we'll create a Discord integration to leverage the social aspect of Arena battles (an ability to invite friends into matches, to join or spectate, etc), and then launch it as an experiment.

    I'd like to stress it again - the whole Discord idea is not new, it has been debated by Screeps Team for a long time already, since the Discord GameBridge closed beta launch which could make it possible to create an in-game chat platform tied to world shards and sectors. It is discontinued now, but still, Rich Presence integration is a very desirable thing for a game like Screeps Arena (yes, basically it will be a separate game).

  • YP

    I know I'm late, and the decision has been made, but simply for the historical data, I'm 100% in favour of Discord. Slack's current limitations mean if I'm away for more than a few days I literally can't see channel history because it's being pruned. I've no major issue with staying with Slack, but could it be upgraded/paid for so that the history is readable? DIscord's archive is basically infinite, and completely searchable making that very powerful.

  • Ah crap I just realized I'm the one who threw the bad word "switch" in there which started to get people emotionally invested...
    It was never my intention to abolish the slack channel it is just that I'm worried about the playerbase.\

    Games in general thrive through a constant stream of new players (which in return leaves die hard fans) and for that you need publicity.
    Discord and steam offer publicity through the "see what I'm doing" Paradigma which makes other people curious if they don't know the title.
    A lot of people are scared when they read "game for programmers" and turn right away without giving it a chance to convince them. That's not the case if they are able to talk somebody first.

    The whole this is better/worse discussion that followed is mostly personal preference even so it managed to sort some key points.
    However there is one thing I want throw my 2ยข in there:
    You are not supposed to play at work ( even if I'm guilty as well ๐Ÿ˜‘ )
    So that argument is rendered invalid by default! ( Only exception here is artch )

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    My vote is on discord. Slack may be more familiar to developers but the AWRyder that's playing screeps is the gamer one, not the programmer version. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Why not set up a Discord/Slack bridge? I'm part of a project that started on IRC and then later added an "unofficial official" Discord server. To prevent fragmentation, we then added a chat bot to link them. Screeps could do something similar. This would give us the benefits of both Discord and Slack, whichever you prefer to use.

  • YP

    @jbyoshi said in Screeps Discord?:

    Why not set up a Discord/Slack bridge? I'm part of a project that started on IRC and then later added an "unofficial official" Discord server. To prevent fragmentation, we then added a chat bot to link them. Screeps could do something similar. This would give us the benefits of both Discord and Slack, whichever you prefer to use.

    I did something like that for a eve alliance some time ago, and it failed because of rate limits. I don't remember which side was the problem, screeps or discord, or if they changed the limits.