multi-accounting is a problem ... is it allowed?

  • I have a player near me that keeps multi accounting. I reported to the devs two weeks ago and they have not responded to me. The player claimed he started two new accounts for his kids. They had the same AI as his that builds in a very distinct pattern. They were new accounts building in a very bad place to start off - repawn. The placement only helped him block me out. He claims he told them not to do that and they move out. Now two weeks later another brand new account starts back up and is following the same AI pattern. Whats the point of having GCL restrictions if you just let someone obviously and blatantly multi-account?

  • Dev Team

    Hi JavaXCrow,

    Multi-accounts is against the ToS. Under the limitations section it states:

    • Register more than one account to play the Game.

    Can you PM me the ticket number you got from the system? I'd love to tackle this for you, as it's no fun for anyone.

  • How do i PM you?

  • This was the response I got from Screeps support on Wed 9/20, 11:36 AM

    "our request (2624) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff"

    I dont know if this is the ticket number or not.

  • Dev Team

    I found the ticket! Looking into resolving it now.
    I thought there was a Dm option somewhere. It appears to be gone.

  • I appreciate you looking into it. In the mean time, I think you all should consider not allowing players with GCL 3 or lower to spawn anywhere except novice areas. This should help keep players from being motivated to multiaccount. They can't just start up a new account to reserve or block rooms around them.

  • Culture

    @javaxcrow I think that's a really good idea. It would seriously reduce the benefits around multiaccounting and claim trolling.

  • Well another one is popping up again and I've not heard anything ... , any update on what's going on?

  • Quite frankly, this is frustrating ... its not fun to play like this. What is the point of TOS when you won't resolve blatant violations?

  • int_max

    @javaxcrow Usually they're pretty fast, when I had an issue with a guy multi-accounting and reported it he was banned fast, maybe it is actually his kids accounts even though they're coorinating to block you in. Last time I checked blatantly lying wasn't against the ToS-though it is looked down upon.