PTR Changelog 2017-05-23: public memory segments

  • Dev Team

    This post describes changes on the Public Test Realm. The estimated launch date is May 26.

    Introduced new public memory segments feature.

  • What is the intended effect of this change?

    Facilitate inter-AI communication? Was there something wrong with using the terminals for this purpose?

    I'm having a hard time understanding the need for this particular change when there are other, more important issues to focus on.

    What's going on with Daboross' improvement to combat mechanics? Double strike is still possible and a real concern in high-level warfare.

  • Dev Team

    Everything is wrong with using terminals for this purpose. This is not their intended usage.

    This change is a nice feature, inter-player communication has always been a weak spot in the game API. It has been implemented in no time since it fits well into already existing API, and basically it is a preparation for new API keys feature coming in a few weeks, which will allow to provide granular access to the specified memory segments for external services like LoAN, stats collectors, etc. Adding API keys is important since we need to rate-limit HTTP requests to reduce the server load.

    Daboross' PR is a major refactor of core game mechanics, it should be thoroughly tested. Merging it will take some time.

  • Awesome this will allow for some interesting interactions that, while possible, seemed really janky to do with terminals.

    These will be accessible by everyone correct? There is no way to only allow certain users to access your public segments?

    Looking forward to the API key features!

  • I like this API change. It will be up to the users to setup message routing or shared memory. Both good use-cases.

    The tick timing exploit is definitely something that needs to be solved before this is utilized on a large scale.

  • Thank you, Artem for the explanation. Allowing easier access for external services does sound sweet.

    Anything the players could do to help in the testing of Daboross' PR?


    @KC what tick timing exploit?

  • @Atavus - I'm referring to using daboross's patch to explicitly affect the outcome of combat.

    meaning, fix it before more players implement double strike code

  • Dev Team

    Anything the players could do to help in the testing of Daboross’ PR?

    Sure, those needs-testing and needs-discussion labels are right about that, and this is how open source works.

    You can check it out on your private server and test all cases that seem relevant. The more cases you cover (with clear results and explanation), the less time will be needed for us to test it ourselves.

    Also, there is still an open question of whether the overheal should be allowed or not.

  • YP

    This looks like a nice addition. 

    I would like to see a way to send short messages to other players by code if that is possible .. maybe it could be available in an array the next tick 🙂