Creep name length limit

  • With the incoming flag name length limit, it's occurred to me I don't see any limits on creep name length. Perhaps we should consider that soon, to prevent similar abuse?  If so, what's a reasonable maximum length for a creep name? 64 characters?

  • I'm under the impression that it's already 50 characters.

  • Also, creep names are fundamentally less abusable than other types of "free" storage, because creating creeps has high in-game cost, and their names can't be changed later.

  • I've created 200+ single MOVE part creeps once. Besides the loss of my cpu bucket, my client lagged severely. So that is a thing at least. >.>

  • /bump

    Yeah so this is still an issue. Some people are discussing how to utilize this for storage. Seems a creep name of 1 mb is achievable in the PS, unknown in MMO. > 50 though.

    We should probably fix this before it gets abused as heavily as the flag name length was.

    50 doesn't necessarily need to be the exact limit, but seems like a fair number. I wouldn't go any smaller. But there definitely needs to be a limit in place.


  • I can vouch for this, tested on MMO (for under 50 ticks) I successfully created a creep with 1MB length of name.

  • Dev Team

    The issue is fixed. Names of creeps, power creeps, spawners, and flags are now limited by 100 characters. The fix is available in private servers version 4.2.9, and it's deployed to official servers.