Allow creeps to have a customizable colored border

  • I use roles, but I can't distinguish one creep from another visually. Imagine if we could tell a creep what color it's outer-most border would be.

    We'd be able to visually identify our creeps, and even change the color per tick as we see fit to help give us more information at a glance.

    This would be incredible!

  • Culture

    I save my creep roles in their names instead of memory (miner_1, miner_3, harvest_12, etc). This makes it easy to see which is which by turning on names.

  • Unfortunately, that's not enough for me, as creeps of the same role are often allocated to different sources and targets, depending on what needs to be done.

  • Culture

    This is the point of .say() calls. Have them say what you want them to.

  • .say() is pretty good for this (especially once you get extended unicode strings in there and basically print symbols) , but it also covers a lot of the game board and having a color ring would be a nice alternative.

  • Yes, please!

    Another use case: When my creeps are idle, they used to say() that, but as Jedislight mentioned that covers too much of the game, obscuring other creeps etc. I started using the Room Visual API to draw a small "pause" symbol on top of the creep, but when the creeps move, the visual is ahead/behind the creep.