Smart Hyperlinks in Logs (would reduce server load)

  • In the console log, it would be really nice if printed a room name, creep name, id, etc would create links to goto the room of the object and or pull up the object stats while not in the room. 

    Could be done mostly, if not all, client side and would reduce server load from active players navigating around the world map and different rooms when they don't have to.

  • Agreed, great idea.  I know the console supports HTML, but rather than make every player implement their own HTML, these kind of things that would benefit all players could easily be done by the console itself.

  • YP

    But maybe some players don't want to use html because they are using the chrome console to also inspect logged javascript objects or a client that runs in a terminal window.

    If you want to make something and share with other players you could do a library and put it on github. If you want your objects always clickable you could overwrite toString of the objects to render html links.

    I don't think it pulling object stats when not in the room would reduce server load.. whatever object stats would be 😉 The worker processes don't know (and don't have to know) which player is connected which room.

  • As I am not a very advanced player, I haven't started doing cool tricks with Chrome consoles.  (I'd love some examples of what you're doing! 🙂

    I think probably a huge percentage of the player base is also not doing anything cool with them and so I 100% agree that if such a feature was implemented, there would need to be a way to turn it off for people such as yourself.  It seems reasonable to enable it for default for new players and/or players who aren't using Chrome for inspection like you're doing though.

    My $0.02.  🙂

  • Object stats being the side panel you get when you click on a creep or structure. 


    To performance of other room object data: If the server load balances by room, the request might have to hit two nodes but I think that is still lighter on the server than a full load of the world map, then a full load of the next room, then a full load of the world map, then a full load of the starting room.

  • Not disputing your value statement about the changes, just giving you a possible workaround.

    I have a folder on the Chrome Bookmark Bar that has a bookmark for each of my rooms with the subject edited to reflect the room number.

    I just click on that to move from room to room.

    I hope this helps.


  • You can do this programmatically. You can find an example in #code-sharing channel on the screeps slack.