Season #6

  • Dev Team

    Welcome to Season 6 - The Shifting Frontier!


    Embark on a 60-day strategic expedition in a vast world of 100 by 100 rooms, divided into 10 by 10 sectors. In this season, your starting position - whether closer to the resource-rich top or the more novice-friendly bottom - is an important factor in your overall strategy.

    The season begins in a large area of 40 x 100 rooms. Prepare for a world that evolves daily, opening new rooms to the right and progressively closing those on the left. The first half of the season sees a steady pace of change, with one line of rooms opening and another closing each day. In the second half, the pace intensifies, with two lines closing for each new one that opens, heightening the sense of urgency and strategic depth.

    Your mission is to claim and develop rooms as swiftly as you can. As the world moves, so must you. The energy you invest in upgrading each room becomes your beacon of triumph. When a room you've claimed closes, it's not a calamity but a celebration, as you're rewarded with score points equivalent to the controller progress it made from zero. Remember, energy spent on maintaining RCL 8 rooms doesn't count – it's all about expansion and progress!

    As the season ends, the final territories will be closed and scored, marking the culmination of your strategic journey.

    Get set to start on January 25th when spawning opens! Ticks starts on February 1st, kicking off a season of swift strategies and dynamic challenges. It's not just about building; it's about thriving in a world that waits for no one.

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  • TMB

    Looking forward to it!

  • Hi all! Any idea how many access keys would be required to jump in now?