Migration from Slack to Discord

  • Dev Team

    Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that we are going to migrate our official chat platform from Slack to Discord!

    This is a quite big change for everyone, both community and us, and we want to explain the reasons behind this.

    Discord is community oriented. After all these years with Slack we have clearly seen that communities are not their priority. Slack is a business app for teams, and it severely lacks many features like persistent chat history or moderation tools. Discord, in contrast, is designed from scratch for communities. They even have the Partner Program for best communities, and we hope to achieve this level with your support.

    Screeps franchise now consists of two games. Arena is under active development right now, and this will be the second game in our franchise. However, we still want to have one community of Screeps players that includes both games. A new player should become a part of this community whatever game they play, and interact with players from the other game. And dedicating just one channel for Arena is not very fair, we love this game very much and want to give more living space to it. Discord has many features to create a complex and powerful structure and navigate users to correct places that would allow to cover both games and not split the community into two parts.

    Discord has in-game integration features. With the Rich Presence API it is possible to show your in-game status in Discord. It could show what game you are playing and what part of the game is active right now (for example, which arena). It also allows to create interactive features such as share, invite, or observe games. With Arena all these features will be in high demand and seem perfectly logical, and Slack does not support any of it.

    UPD The permanent invitation link to the Discord server: https://discord.gg/RjSS5fQuFx



  • Nice! But where is link?

  • Dev Team


    We are going to test this new Discord server and its custom functionality with a limited number of early adopters during some short period of time, and then launch it for public in a week or so.

  • Cool to hear 🙂 I miss the Slack.

    All the best!

  • @artch What does it take to be an early adopter? 🙂

  • @maikeru said in Migration from Slack to Discord:

    @artch What does it take to be an early adopter? 🙂

    i hope i'll be corrected if necessary, but they currently seem to be looking for people who can help with getting everything running for now. early adopter might be misleading in that (at least i believe) they're not looking for anything monetary

  • @rayderblitz I didn't mean anything with money, I was just expressing interest in being one to help test out the new server.

  • Awesome news! Can't wait for the invite 😎

  • Dev Team

    The initial setup of our brand new Discord server is completed. Here is the permanent invitation link: https://discord.gg/RjSS5fQuFx

    Screeps Slack will be not maintained anymore.