Crashing on m1 macs

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    Sorry... this thread got a bit confusing ... the steam client does not run well on all macs with the big sur update that came out last november.

    On arm macs it usually crashes right after launch.

    On all other macs the client starts usually crashes after a few minutes. It starts with reloading the content usually after a few seconds .. after that webgl is no longer available and all textures and stuff are missing... then it continues to run and but crashes a bit later.

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    Ok .. I tried to make a screen capture of the client to show the problem and it did not show the problems I saw without recording the screen so I thought about what might be different.

    I now think the problem on big sur with the screeps client is the automatic switch between the integrated intel grapic and the discrete amd radeon gpu. Maybe there is an issue with the older nwjs when the graphic card switches, since there is no problem in chrome or edge at all.

    I downloaded to force the mac into using the internal graphic or amd gpu before starting screeps and did not see any problems, but I could only test for a few minutes before I had to go to work.

  • Dev Team

    @w4rl0ck could you please (when you have time) test it with gSwitch for some time and share the results? Could you also check if the issue exists in the renderer demo app?

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    Ok .. I played a bit and noticed that gswitch makes no difference. First I started the screeps client and watched a room for about 10 minutes.. everything looked fine with webgl working.

    then suddenly the page reloaded and only the roomvisuals stayed visible:

    0_1611704273524_Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-27 um 00.28.19.png

    then the client crashed.

    after that I restarted the client and it said webgl is no longer available: 0_1611704339098_Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-27 um 00.32.42.png

    however I started the renderer demo side by side and it looked fine: 0_1611704513795_Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-27 um 00.34.11.jpg

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    I tried the steam client again and despite the topic saying "m1 macs" the client still crashes / does not work on ALL macs with the latest operating system big sur that came out last november.

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    Any news about fixing the the steam client for the current OS X version? Is it planed to get the mac version fixed?

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    Are there any news about fixing the steam client to run on macs again?

  • Still crashing on M1 Max. Solved by using Windows ARM virtual machine. Client works perfectly on Windows ARM.

  • Curious if there is any update or workaround for the steam client to work with?

  • YP

  • It seems that nwjs starts to support apple silicon from 0.77 released two months ago. So is there a plan of updating Screeps for apple arm support?

  • If there is planned support for an Apple Silicon update/patch, I haven't heard or seen it. Really sucks because this is going to be in all Apple machines going forward. I'm sticking to the screeps-steamless-client for now, but I really hope the devs come back and fix this. They're working on the "screeps: arena" game after all.

  • Dev Team

    We absolutely plan to fix that!


  • @o4kapuk

    It does not seem to be realized at this time. I would like to find out if it is still in your support program and, if possible, if you could provide an approximate time frame to let me know when I can expect support for this feature.

    Thank you very much for your time and effort and I look forward to hearing from you.


  • @o4kapuk I's already 1 year since NW.JS supported the not that new silicon chips, can we know when screeps will be supporting the new chips?