Beta Map - Same color as plains

  • My creeps/structures are the same color as plains.. making the map less than useless

  • Huh. My first thought was that your use of the "White Diamond" badge was using mind control to hide the units. So I tried it myself... I think what might be happening is your dark default badge is masking the normal unit color.

    That or there are just bugs. I don't think I'm real impressed with the beta map either yet.

  • There's always been a problem with people using badges of certian colours to make viewing the map less easy at a glance. Stealth creeps would be even worse...

    Given the colour palette of the world is quite dark, maybe devs could just use 0xFF - channel if channel < 0x80 or something.

  • The alpha map is worse for colorblind folks as well. On the current map I often can't tell player colors apart. Not a huge issue. The alpha map is worse as I can't tell if a room even has player activity.

    I have multiple times thought one of Eiskalt's rooms got wiped. I could only see the roads. The player colors seem deterministic. I think it'd make the players easier to see (for everyone) if the saturation was bumped.


  • I think they should definitely add a colorblind option in the settings, but also blacklist certain colors on the map. (anything close to the "wall" color)

  • I'm fine with player icons being hard to see because of the color choice, but the actual creeps and structures should be plainly visible on the map. The Green/Red on the original map works (maybe add some toggles for specific color blindness) just make that the default on the new map until you sort out the color issue.