Update Market History.

  • Hi,

    This happened to me:


    This is completely my fault, because I was lowering the price back to 2,000,000 and then raising it again(x27). But because it doesn't show price reduction in history I had no idea what was occurring, and panic messaged O4 about this.

    Can we get an update to Market history with some of the following:

    Show price reduction.

    Player added notes to help trouble shoot.

    Market Fee with more information.

    **Edit : Filter function - either with type, notes, or price

    Thank you,



  • Market history page is just pretty useless to anyone running a reasonably sized economy.

    Being able to filter out fees altogther would be nice. Being able to filter transactions below a threshhold would be nice - eg. here you have 20k+ treansations and others under 1 credit. The majority of my deltas are small, but the majority of my credit changes are the fewer bigger transactions.

  • How would it cost to import all of a player's market history into BigQuery or RedShift? It'd be cool if the devs supported it directly, maybe charge and access token per year (6 months?).