Grafiti lost probably during steam transfer

  • I've lost a rare grafiti G-00066:DE:E somehow.

    Unfortunately I don't know exactly when and how.

    It was last seen at 22.06 on steam and most likely lost during transfer back to my screeps account at 22.06.

    In the steam history can be seen that I took the sell offer back. I've never converted any grafiti item back to 400 pixel resources, so it had been lost in transfer.

  • Dev Team

    @xenofix thanks for the report, we'll take a look

  • I don't have a problem that needs fixing, but I had a similar experience.

    I had a graffiti that just did not want to transfer to steam: G-01090:MO:A. It would disappear from my inventory, but next time I refreshed the pixels page it would be back. I finally succeeded in transferring it a few days ago.

  • For me it was the other way around, from steam inventory back to screeps. I'm always checking transfers now, I didn't loose anything else, yet. The G-00066:DE:E still didn't reappear anywhere.