Steam client keeps on crashing to desktop

  • Which shard is affected?


    What happened?

    Client just closes itself at random. No error or debug log fund.

    It crashes sometimes at map, sometimes in room view. But much more often in room view or when switching/loading rooms.

    What should have happened?

    It should not crash.

    How can we reproduce this?

    Idk. Play the game and see if it crashes?

    OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1
    CPU: Intel i5-2500K
    GFX: AMD R9 580 8G

    All drivers up to date. Nothing else causes me any issues, just Screeps. The game is unplayable atm.

  • Hi there,

    same here. Thing to add is it happens even without user interaction, I am just watching what my creeps are doing, and closing without any message. btw at opening the market, or changing rooms it happens more often.

  • Dev Team

    We're investigating this issue

  • Dev Team

    Please try to switch to no-overlay beta branch on Steam. It will not have Steam Overlay so you can't press Shift+Tab, but it might improve stability. Please use it for some time and tell us does it make any difference.


  • Thank you. So far so good! I will report after further testing.

  • Update:

    So far no crashes. However, I am still getting an issue where the client's hardware acceleration would turn off randomly and stay off (and disabled) until restart. Only happens in Steam client.