Option to disable downgrade notifications

  • I'd like an option to disable the email notification you get when a room controller is about to downgrade. I'm currently claiming level 1 controllers and letting them expire as a cheap version of reserving a room, but it sends me an email every time the downgrade timer gets to 3000 ticks and I don't see any option to disable that.

  • I have implement this feature twice and disabled it twice due to the notification spam.

  • As a workaround, you could create a filter for emails from noreply@screeps.com containing "Upgrade it to prevent losing of this room." or something like that.

  • @deft-code Do you mean that you've disabled and reimplemented the downgrade notifications entirely?

    I'm not asking for them to be disabled for all users, I'm asking for an option to disable that category of notification in the user options.

  • @DroidFreak I've have code to claimed rooms to avoid the upkeep of reserving them. I did it early on, but disabled it due to notification spam. I did it again a year later thinking the spam wasn't that bad. It was.

  • YP

    why don't you upgrade it a bit before it expires? I have done that in the past with sending one upgrader.

    but I think that was when one upgrade resetted the whole timer I think .. don't know if it is still feasible.