Power enabled should be a scale(1-5) instead of Binary(off/on).

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  • I think they want to encourage fewer, bigger power creeps though. This would encourage players to make lots of small creeps instead of upgrading their big one. Unless you can intentionally use a PC power at a level lower than it's current level, I don't know if this makes sense. (Which would also change the operate factory)

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    I don't think it is a good idea for defenders to be able to define the degree to which attackers should be able to attack them. If you're enabling and using power, you're already "big enough".

  • @likeafox Once you have 20 PCL or so you can make a full-size power creep that can reasonably use any of the available powers. It doesn't take long to get there at all. This would be like spending dev effort adding features to support RCL4 combat.

  • @kotarou devs want to force enabling power. You can send your PC into a new players room and enable it. How do you mean you must be big enough?

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    @gimmecookies If a player is choosing to enable power in one of their rooms, they are "big enough" to be using power. This is to say, they're already in the later stages of the game's progression curve - they're RCL 8, they have a power creep, etc etc.

    Giving a defender the ability to narrow the range (or effective power) of abilities at that point is idd, as @wtfrank has mentioned, it would be like having features that allow an RCL 5 room to disallow RCL6 rooms from using boosts - too narrow in effect, focus, and application.


  • Y'all are thinking too small. We need a list of PWR_* to enable them. We could do that for body parts and boosts as well. </sarcasm>

    OK. seriously now. I'm not on a shard with Tigga and I've been playing off and long enough that I have reasonable defenses. So I might be biased. But this same thread recurs frequently.

    New feature X is imbalance because some player could use it to destroy someone who hasn't added code for X yet.

    But what I see in practice is buggy code, both on the attacker and defender, which means attacks are fairly infrequent (at least on shard0 and 1) and most sieges end when someone finds a corner case your code doesn't handle yet.

    Imagine when ranged attack parts were introduced and replay the power creep fears.

    I hear the anti-power complaints, maybe they'll become problem, but they can be nerfed WHEN that happens. Put two mature code bases up against each other in a 100% battle (not an alliance war that is whole other level of mess). Or if power creeps attack become trivially superior and mass extinction results.

    Now for a concrete example. Tigga destroyed a room with a spawn disrupting power creep. But watch the replay. Tigga didn't win because the defending room couldn't spawn anything. Tigga won because the creep spawning in the room glitched out when one of the spawns stopped working as the code expected.