Remove signs automatically when declared as Newbie/Respawn zone or a someone respawns in a Room

  • Pretty much what the title said,
    nothing of priority but cleans a bit the arbitrary nonsense some people write.


  • @mrfaul I kinda like the old signs being there. It gives a respawn the feeling of a new bot rising from the ashes, rather than starting from a blank slate. Also gives you an idea of who might be interested in slaughtering you once the walls come down.


  • There's an in-game solution for those offended by arbitrary nonsense other players write...

  • @black0441 I view them as relics that create unneeded data, it could also turn people off to respawn there.

    A alternative would also be a decay maybe 100 days after signing or so.

    @wtfrank totally missing my point 😘

  • In the case of some non-impactful behavior where some players like it and others don't, and there is an extremely easy in game solution that doesn't require server code, I'm going to go with "no server code is needed here, do it yourself".

  • When I started as a new player on Shard 1 the newbie zone was covered in signs from 2 years previous and telling everyone not to try and claim rooms. Pretty sure it was an Overlord bot signature. It was off putting and sort of scary for a new player. Was I invading someone's space? Where they going to come attack me? I decided to roll the dice and take my chances. Turns out I was completely safe, but I didn't know that at the beginning.

    When you are a brand new player just fresh out of the tutorial the game world and newb zone are the first things you see. When you are looking for your first room all you can see is player's badges near you and the text on the controller. You have no idea who signed that or if they will take offense to you being there.

    Removing the text from newb zone controllers isn't going to hurt any established player and may potentially help a new player. This isn't about us current players, it's about the future ones. I don't see why there is any push back on this at all.

  • When someone respawns in a room they've already decided to claim it, so it doesn't help then.

    However, you have a fair point for the newb (but not respawn) zones. I could see some value in newb regions getting wiped of all signs/buildings etc to enhance the fresh start/protected area feeling. There is value in the signs being there too though, it lets you know which neighbors you should bake a pie for ASAP

  • I agree, Respawn zones doesn't need any changes here. I would go further for newbie rooms: they should be reset as if they are new. The internal energyHarvested should also be reset to delay the first invader attack for newbies. Also partially harvested minerals should be replenished.

  • The disadvantage of getting rid of the signs is that newbies don't get much idea about who is active in the area and might be interested in that territory. Newbie zones aren't sterile areas, it's quite common for adjacent players to take control of rooms once the walls come down.