Market Usability: communicate effect of each compound

  • Perhaps it's already there and I've missed it. If not, I strongly think that either on the compound page!/market/all/shard2/XZHO2 or the entire market page!/market/all (or both), the effect of the compound should be communicated.

    Perhaps a little question-mark icon you could mouse-over, or better yet, just always show this info. For example in this little mockup I've done:


    Without this information communicated to a user, they essentially have to memorise the mapping of effects to compounds. Veteran players will eventually learn some or most of these mappings, but I'm sure it's intimidating to new users.

    Additionally, providing this information in the market will have two positive benefits:

    1. users will learn the effects of compounds as a side-effect of browsing the market

    2. new users will be inspired to make use of boosts after they browse the market and see the effects - some will create long-term goals, which will tend to make them stick around with the game for longer which is a win for everyone.


  • I've been playing this game for 2 years and I can't remember which is which. I have to look it up all the time. It would be great if everywhere it said the name of the compound, it said the effect, too.

  • This comes up from time to time and is pretty much a no-brainer I have no clue why it isn't already there...
    Last time this was purposed it was something along the line "we are working on it with the UI revamp" 😑

  • This was requested pretty much the same day the new graphics went live. I too wish we had this in the market screen.

  • N-thed, really. Minerals page is probably my top most opened screeps doc page already...