_setMapGridData error

  • Currently I'm getting following error on shard1. And my code won't be executed anymore.

        at JSON.parse ()
        at global._init.global._setMapGridData (:29273:66)
        at ()
        at /opt/engine/dist/core/runtime/user-vm.js:81:245

    Edit: It's only in IVM.. In shared runtime It will be executed normally.

  • File a support ticked with this one for fast fix. Also applies to everyone else who'se getting it.

  • Have this as well as of this morning on Shard 0, have a ticket in as well.

  • Dev Team

    We're currently investigating why this happens from time to time.

  • After a bug report the support cleared that state, so that the shard1 is back online for me. thx!


  • Just happened to me also. Submitted a ticket and it got fixed immediately (thumbs up for super fast support!)

    Still i have to discover it myself and report it, as my code had been not executing the last 3,5 hours. I hope for a fix for this soon.

  • Dev Team

    We deployed a workaround code to do automatic restarts, just to make the issue to not affect players (so I think it's ok to mark this topic as solved). The issue is still there, and we're working on it, but it shouldn't bother anybody anymore.