порталы в шард3

  • Дарагыйе разрабы, накой х... вы открыли сабж??? чтобы все, что добыто в других шардах свезли в третий и продали по вашим же ордерам???

  • че молчим? а какже волатильность? (встречал ваш коммент в одном из постов)))) нет банальной защиты внутреннего рынка ))) и каким боком в ПЛАТНОЙ игре присутствуют Subscription token? этож pay2win ))) че за кормушку вы тут устроили? free2play+Subscription token и запрет критики, либо за что я заплатил?

  • Dude English please, I know it might be annoying and difficult but please.
    Learning it is a life skill and you will benefit great from it later in life.

  • @mrfaul said in порталы в шард3:

    Dude English please, I know it might be annoying and difficult but please.
    Learning it is a life skill and you will benefit great from it later in life.

    You could always learn to read Cyrillic, it may help you later in life.

    From what I can gather the OP is complaining about people importing materials from other shards and bringing them to Shard 3. Doing so inflates their power. They are able to do more with the 20CPU limit than someone that plays for free because they can leverage the other shards potential.

    I can understand his complaint, I think it is valid.


  • @kyralee Well I deserved that, but it still doesn't change the fact that his overall behavior is rude.
    Besides it is common sense and courtesy to use a internationally recognized language in a internationally used forum.
    It isn't the first time that he has been doing it, and he has some English posts so no excuse there.

    And no I don't think that his point is valid, people who pay for the service are allowed to allocate their CPU as they see fitting.
    Inter shard trading and transporting is totally legit. And it doesn't change the fact that they can only use 20 CPU on shard 3.
    Those 20 CPU are missing on the other shards.

    In fact your 20 CPU can be used on any shard.
    Shard 3 isn't exklusiv for the f2p people. It is simply a shard with restrictions for a even playing field.

  • @mrfaul I don't think its rude for him to not use english. Google translate doesn't work as well as you might think it does but it does work. You could have instead of attacking him translated his message into english. 0_1547219136569_63d8177f-3692-45f1-b325-1b7bd9bff946-image.png Что касается вас, Zergeich, мы предпочитаем использовать английский.

  • @communication it is, since it isn't the first time where he was notified to stop that.
    And technically is Screeps not free to play, since you need a subscription or the steam version which grants you 20 base CPU indefinitely.

    Also yes the market has it problems and I'm bitching constantly about it.
    But in no way has Screeps a pay to win problem.
    With the recent change to the game to give 20CPU and the limited shard3 Screeps has become fairer than ever.

  • @mrfaul Well, I totally agree with you, a person with a small room would be able to to some major damage as soon as they get to rcl 8

  • цитирую "We recommend new players to start on shard3 and... " как можно новым игрокам с гцл=1 конкурировать с игроками гцл >20??? у которых куча комнат на других шардах и которые свозят все на шарад3, и даже без подписки, цпу на других шардах больше 20...

    p.s. I appeal to developers who understand me perfectly

  • @zergeich With no subscription no one has more than 20 CPU

  • @zergeich offtop: если ты используешь slack, то можешь написать мне (dk) или написать в игре (DKPlugins) (видимо тебя из-за меня бомбит). Я объясню тебе что к чему в этой игре.

  • @dkplugins you're not the only one)) don't flatter yourself

    разрабы, гляньте на объемы продаж, это все добыто на 20цпу? или вы думаете покупают игроки? )))) рынка как такого нет, чистый совок