Manual safe mode does not activate...

  • Hello

    I am on a private server that is using the version 3.17 and the manual button to activate the safe mode is not working. After clicking on the blue button letters to "Activate safe mode" the confirmation window popup asking if i want to process and i click "ok" but nothing happen.

    Safe mode is not activated and safe mode available remains the same.

    I guess this should be a quick, fast and easy bug to fix...

    thanks in advance and have fun all.

  • /me too

    I've seen this several times on S+ and SWC. I thought I'd seen it on MMO but I may be wrong on that. Its worth noting (as you did in slack) that you can activate safe mode successfully from the console/code, it's only from the UI it is ignored.

  • I can confirm this happens with npm install of 3.17 private server on a linux host using mongo/redis mod. Activation through code still works.

  • Dev Team

    I'll take a look

  • Dev Team

    Closing thread because it's not related to the official software, the issue is in mongo/redis mod, see